Choose the next model you want to see a script of #3

Hello everybody!

I am looking for models to script a video from, but don’t know which one. So it’s up to you again to choose. You have three votes.

You can leave a post and suggest one video for the model(s) you voted for. If one of these models win, I will put your video suggestion in for the next vote. After this vote, I will make another poll letting you vote for videos from the winner model. Video with the most votes gets scripted.

You have up to three votes!

Thank you for participating :bowing_man:t2:


Oh shucks, I was hoping for Octokuro as an option. Oh well.

This one? I will look through their videos and see, if they are good for scripting and maybe add them to the next poll. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Okay, I closed the vote. We have a very clear winner and it’s very unlikely anybody will surpass her.
With 55%! Eva Elfie won the vote.
I will soon open a new thread, where you can suggest videos from her.
Thanks for all the votes!


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