Suggest the next Eva Elfie video you want to see a script of

Eva Elfie is the very clear winner from the poll I started earlier today.
Now it’s your turn again to suggest videos you want to see a script of.

Everybody can choose one video. Only rules are:

  • Preferable on PH or any source, where the video is not behind a paywall.
  • No video, that already has been scripted (This,this,this,this and this.) If I’ve overlooked one, please let me know.
  • No VR

Her videos on Pornhub.

I will close it, when I feel we collected enough videos. After this all suggested videos get into another poll and the video with the most votes gets scripted.

Looking forward to your suggestions!


This one looks great!



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Thank you for the suggestions so far! Really cool video choices already.

I probably should have payed more attention to it, that there are a lot of videos with her produced by professional studios. I would preferably script something non-professional-studio and something, that she uploaded on her own Pornhub channel. But because I saw it late, you can still suggest any video you want though.

Any more suggestions? I will close the suggestions tomorrow and then start the vote on the videos.


Amazing titjob by busty with the huge cum load on her tits -

Gets my vote :smile:

I’ll happily add an upscale to the winning vid.


Thank you, I am looking forward to it. These upscaled versions are always very cool and a nice upgrade!

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Last chance to suggest a video, I will close this in a few hours.
So far we have 5 videos, having around 6 - 8 videos would be optimal.

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