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Choose the next model you want to see script of #2

Hello everybody!

Time for another model vote.

First winner was DickForLily, Shinaryen made #2 and the MagicMuffin #3. When I am done with the scripts from #2 and #3, I want to do another mini series from the winner model.

From now on I will kick models with under 10% votes out of future polls (at least for now) and replace them with newer models (as long as I can find fitting models).

Thank you very much for participating!


Out :x:


In :heavy_check_mark:


I have 7 models to choose from.
You have up to 2 votes.

0 voters


If you plan to do more such polls. Here are a few more models that you can add, maybe you will like one of them

Loly Lips
Owl Crystal
Diana Huracan


Thank you for the links!

I will definitely look at them and see, if their videos are good for scripting. I actually find it very hard to find new models. Some of them have cool videos, but might not be too good for scripting.

I would like to make them model votes here and there, but I feel like it’d be boring, if there would be just the same models all over again. That’s why I added some newer ones and some, that don’t have a video scripted yet. But like I said, it’s hard for me to find new good and fitting models.

Thanks for the 68 votes so far. Quite surprised for the current first place. I didn’t expect this at all.

I will let this poll open for a longer time, so let’s get as many votes in as possible.

good models to choose from :+1:, Freya Stein can be good for future polls

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Definitely! Thank you! Totally forgot about her. Will add her in the next poll.

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Really enjoy the ones with faces tbh, but they’re all good options


Thanks for the 88 votes so far.

I will close the poll on 2022-05-14T22:00:00Z

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