Choose the next Shinaryen AND TheMagicMuffin video you want to see a script of

Hello everybody!

When I am done with the three DickForLily videos, I will do another model in this case two other models.
Vote here for the DickForLily video in the meantime.

Shinaryen and TheMagicMuffin got #2 and #3 place on the model vote and I would like to give at least script of both models to the people, who voted for them.

This vote will be up for a while, because I still have the three DickForLily videos on my to script-list. Once they are done, I will close this vote.

You can of course suggest any video from both of them. These videos will then land into any future poll, if there is again a poll with these two models.

I chose three videos from each model.
You only have 1 vote this time.

Thank you very much for participating.

Shinaryen :woman_red_haired:t2: :blonde_woman:t2:

TheMagicMuffin :magic_wand: :cupcake:


Thank you for the votes so far!
Very close race for the MagicMuffin video.

I will close the polls 2022-05-09T22:00:00Z

Thanks for 54 votes on the Shinaryen video.

Winner with 44% is
Morning creampie sex with a hot girl I met last night

For the MagicMuffin video though, two videos have 34% at this time. Because of that, I will let this poll open, until I finish the Shinaryen video. I guess we will have a decision until then.

Thanks for the votes!

Okay, with 69 total votes on the :cupcake: video it’s a good time to end the vote now.
That was an extremely close vote this time.

Winner with 34% is:
Amazing reverse cowgirl ride and cumshot on my big tits on the rooftop

I think that’s a pretty cool video and will make a cool script. I will probably start working the script on weekend.

In the mean the vote for the next model is up.

The model vote will be up for a bit. I will release the :cupcake: script on weekend and then see what I want to do next. Maybe taking a bit of break, because I did a lot of script in past weeks and I am starting to feel a bit burned out honestly. Maybe I script some video I have in my backlog, that I would like to do. Not sure.

Lately I feel like my scripts don’t seem to reach many people anymore. Don’t know, if it’s because the videos are not interesting enough, scripts are not good enough or if the amateur genre isn’t that interesting anymore.
Scripting a video with several sections for some hours and then not even reaching 2k views with little to no response, makes me feel like, that there is not much interest anymore for whatever reason.
And it’s not even only the scripting. Choosing the video, then scripting it, and then releasing it. This adds up and depending on the video, it takes several hours of work. I know I don’t have to do the “fancy” presentation and all. I could just release the script, give the video link a heatmap and maybe a gif and that’s it. But the perfectionist in me, wants do to the “fancy” presentation.
With the votes though, I wanted to reach more people again, but so far I feel like it doesn’t work so much.

Anyway, thank you for the many votes on this one :slight_smile:

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