🐺 [Contest closed] Best VR scene of the year 2021


The end of the year 2021 is near and I’m in the giving mood so let’s have some fun.

In this contest I want you to pick the best VR scene of the current year (in your opinion) and write a few words why it’s so good and special to you. I will later choose the best submission so try to make it as unique as you can.


  1. The VR scene had to be released in 2021.
  2. The scene has to be unscripted.
  3. You need to write a few words about why this scene over the others.
  4. The scene has to be either on SLR or POVR. You can link to other sites too as long as the video is avaliable on one of the mentioned sites.
  5. The contest ends on 25th December 18:00 CET (might be a little later depending when I log in)



Tossing this one into the ring.

The Matrixxx Russian Revolutions: Crystal Rush | POVR
Scene does a pretty good matrix parody and Crystal Rush is great in this scene. Her body is rockin and the amazon posish is really interesting and not seen very often.


You are an absolute beast when it comes to scripting. I have no idea how you manage these quantities. Thanks a lot for your works :pray:

It wasn’t easy to make a decision, but I think this is my yet unscripted highlight of the year:

The Scene was released on August 6, 2021 and should be on SLR very soon. It is already listed in “Coming soon” and I hope that this proposal therefore complies with your rules :crossed_fingers:



Thanks! I am a focused man when it comes to doing things and it definitely helps in maintaining good results in good time.

Hmm, I always thought they delayed their videos on SLR by 3 months but it looks like it’s closer to 5 months now, wtf. If my calculations are correct the scene will release around first week of the next year. I was hoping for a scene that I will be able to start scripting between Christmas and New Year - if it will be avaliable by 25th / 26th I will consider it, but you might want to change your submission. Up to you if you want to risk it :slight_smile:

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True, if you look at the release frequency it is extremely unlikely that the scene will be released on SLR within the next week. I would therefore withdraw my submission and nominate this scene instead:

  • Spicy Sexy Games with Ashley Lane: Ashley Lane | RealJamVR
    Why: The transformation from girl next door to fishnets, boots, vinyl outfit and kickass makeup hits differently. I also like the acoustic performance, although that’s pretty much the opposite of whispering. With a total running time of about 34 minutes, the scene is also much shorter than my previous submission.

Maybe the script for Fire & Ice will make it at another time… :crossed_fingers::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well imo “Look At Me” with Jewelz and Lacy far and away is my winner for best scene of the year… But you already scripted it… Soo… THANKS DUDE! lol :wink:

SeXbox Live was my favorite tho until that scene dropped… I don’t think you’ll find too many VR scenes with perfect direction and camera angles then this one… Everything was spot on. Cheers @Husky


funny enough I was just about to post this exact video, I’ll just +1 this one however

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Do I need to say why it’s a shame this still hasn’t been scripted ? Latina proportions, poolside fuck, wet body… So many things that get this scene first when it comes to think about objective sexiness, beyond all personal kinks we all have.
Anyway, scripting this would be dope, thanks for setting a contest making me hope my wish could be fullfilled

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This video is the beginning of the year released but still not scripted yet. This video would fit this time of year well, it’s a bit Christmassy. The actress is beautiful, I like her that’s why this should be done.


5 submissions so far, keep’em coming :slight_smile:

Odd that so few has done a submission for having a chance of getting basically anything scripted on SLR and POVR. Maybe people got a bit scared when they had to write a motivation for why they want a particular video scripted?

Personally I won’t submit anything since I script what I want anyway. Better to let non-scripters have a chance on getting their favorite video scripted :slight_smile:

Honestly, my issue is that I only watch stuff once it’s been scripted, so I have no idea what’s come out in the last year.

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Fair enough @Sinibus.

Might be, but I wanted people who are a little more creative/talkative have a chance too, rather than just making another poll. Most people will vote for their type of pornstar anyway, so it might be a good chance for those who wants to see something out of the box (aka tight teen pornstars). Maybe should have gone with jokes instead, so the joke that made me laugh the most would win :smiley:

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Yeah, I agree with you. I was just surprised that you haven’t got lots and lots of submissions by now and the motivation part was the only thing I could think of that could be the culprit.

Am I allowed to participate? (If not, let me know and I’ll remove!)

Your work is excellent. I really appreciate what you do!

I’d love to see either one of these done. I feel like they’ve both gone overlooked, probably because they’re not on SLR. I’m unlikely to do them myself for the same reason, but I’m very tempted nonetheless…

Percy is just adorable, and doesn’t seem to have a ton of scenes around. Looks like she made two for Wankz/POVR, and then quit.

And then there’s this one:

I think Coco is truly underrated, and everyone loves Haley. This is an excellent casting combination, a pair of adorable spinners.

Just throwing in my couple of pennies. Thanks again for what you do!

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Why wouldn’t you be allowed? Everyone is welcome to participate :slight_smile:

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Blocks And Socks with Lacey Lennon


She is such a great performer and looked great in the scene plus I haven’t seen a script for a video with just her in it recently. There was a great one of her and Jewlez Blue from Wankz that was scripted and is great but would love to just have Lacey be the star for one.

Whatever scene wins I think we will all be winners here :stuck_out_tongue:

You are in for a treat then: [Closed] Vote for which VRCosplayX video to script next

Yeah, might have heard about this script :wink:


Would like to see this scripted. Jenny is just hot.

Not really the feedback you were looking for but, would also like to see some “blast from the past” type videos that don’t have scripts?

I´m actually working on "In On The Secret. It´s almost done.