Could you recommend a program for the handy?

I’ve always been helped here, but I also wanted to create. However, I have never learned a script, and I searched for information by myself, but I am nervous :face_with_spiral_eyes:. What programs do you recommend for beginners?

To get started, I would recommend watching Husky’s video series on the OpenFunScripter. This is the program that is used to create almost all scripts here nowadays.

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Thank you for recommending :grinning:

Don’t be afraid to ask mate, I’ve had some really noob questions and these guys are always down to help.

Some beginner tips on scripting

  1. Start small, 3-5min video
  2. Script - test - edit
  3. Take notes when testing: 3m22sec needs longer strokes. 4m12sec sync is off.
    This will help with editing.
  4. Load up someone else’s script into OFS. This is a great way to see what the other guys are doing.

Welcome to the party mate :+1:

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Thank you for answer. I will try :grinning:

That’s our general tutorial Try Creating Your Own Interactive Sex Toy Scripts! Step by Step Tutorial! - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos
Also you might like to try our computer vision scripting tool SexLikeReal AI scripting tool - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Also it’s a good idea to couple Handy with VR How To Watch VR Porn - A Beginner's Guide | SexLikeReal

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