Create Patreon only posts or links?

Wondering if there was a way to create ES - Patreon only posts or links?

You mean something like this?

Hmm, I don’t think so. If I’m reading that post correctly ,that is more referring to the ability to create Gumroad “store fronts”.

I was referring to Paterons of Eroscript. The forum seems to be aware of who is a Patreon (shows badge on icons). Just thought it could be nice to make posts that only Eroscript Patreons could see to reward supporters with scripts, polls, contests, votes, etc.

Ah, I see. It’s probably best to address @hugecat in this case so he won’t miss it.

technically very easy to do. I am wary of locking part of the forum behind a paywall, but don’t feel super strongly either way.

Hoping for others to chime in with their opinions

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I agree, not looking for ways to make things “locked”. But looking more for opportunities for early access, or ability to more greatly influence trajectory of initiatives, or script votes. FIgured it could be a cool benefit without greatly punishing non-patreons.

Personally, as a n00b scripter, I would love to give early access to Patreons, as they are more likely to give direct and constructive feedback before releasing to the “masses”.

I think all of Eroscripts should continue to be accessbile to all Eroscripts members.

Don’t we still have a category for feedback on scripts in development for this?

dont think there’s an built in way to automate this

we did before but nobody really used it

That’s too bad. I found it helpful when I made my first few scripts.

@g90ak You could use the “Incomplete Scripts” category for getting feedback before releasing your scripts. You could also set up a group DM with members whose opinions you trust.