Gumroad new shopping experience

That could be interesting for all that use gumroad to purchase paid scripts.

Gumroad has a shopping cart function now!

If you think, what? That essentiell function wasn’t offered? Yes, I know, little strange. :sweat_smile:

But back to business. Now you can add multiple Items from different creators in your shopping card and pay in one step for all. I hope that increse the shopping experience for you all.

The original news from

All the creators who sell on gumroad (A-Z):

Other, eroscripts related people on gumroad (A-Z):

I hope I listed all shop owners here. If not msg me.

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SORRY HeelsLover69!

no problem :grin: !

oh cool I dont even have to adjust any setting

I added Phazio, timmaerevoet and hugecat to gumroad shop owner list.

hell yes, makes things easier :slight_smile:

I added Despo and Secretsanta to the seller list.

Tx man !