Creating preset patterns on Handy

This is a great forum and I’m appreciative of some people doing most of the heavy lifting here. I’ve been wondering if it was possible to create preset patterns for the Handy and then tell it to run those patterns when I press a key (or click on a button/link). It’s like this:

Except I get to create my own patterns, save them, and be able to switch between them easily. Is that possible using any existing software? Thanks!

Im looking for the same thing. I actually made a thread about it recently.

For now it seems like we would need to manually create the patterns in excel. Allthough I don’t know how. Let’s just hope some of the brilliant people here on the forums are able to come up with something soon!

Yeah, I think it would be nice to be able to do this more easily. Creating the patterns using one of the script writers wouldn’t be that difficult. But being able to easily switch between patterns requires a dev.

What do you mean ‘script writers’ ?

Are you talking about openfunscriter or joyfunscripter.

Yes, JFS or OFS are fairly simple to use to make repeated patterns. I’ve never tried Excel for this, maybe that’s even easier.

I have already started to write a new feature for HandyControl where you can create mini scripts directly in the app. It’s more an experiment but the idea is that you create scripts that then can be combined together.

I dont want to reveal any details yet as I am still not sure where this Idea will lead me :slight_smile: