DIY Handy Hands Free ideas?

Thx bro… I ordered mine and it fits perfectly with my vise and camera monut :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::100:


has anyone tried a tablet holder? This looks perfect for my usecase but im worried the clamp thing will damage the handy

Phone/tablet holders usualy have the grabbing part near a flat surface, and that makes them incapable of actualy grabbing the handy. From the images i dont think this will work for that reason. You need something to clamp a round object, or there should be no flat surface between the clamping point (to which you can use other methods of stabilizing.

Also keep in mind that even if it can clamp it, if its not a sturdy grip, its actualy very dangerous. You dont want your handy to move at all. The handy has a lot of power and because of that is capable of releasing itself from gripping.

The second issue is that a tablet holder generaly has a weak neck to support it. While initialy it can be sturdy, the weight of the handy can quickly cause it do degrade. And depending on the method used, grip can suddenly be entirely gone and make the handy fall (which is again very dangerous). Metal fatique is a common cause for breaking things suddenly (and when covered with plastic can be impossible to see)

My recommendation is to avoid cutting corners to save a little money here, safety is important with a device like this. It might cost a bit more, but your dick cannot be replaced.

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fair enough, i managed to use it hands free by just laying a weighted blanket on top of the handy, it keeps it in place very well for me :grin:

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Hi! I don’t have a handy anymore, so impossible to test myself, but I thought it would be nice and easy to adapt the SR6 “clamp mount” I posted a while back to the handy in case someone is interested. I’m just not sure of the exact diameter of the base of the handy. Perhaps someone can share the measurements if interested?

Anyway, the idea is you attach a sufficiently long bar-clamp to a plank, slide on the 3d printed mount and secure it using the bolt in the back. It can slide up and down so you can adjust the height very easily. The bolt screws into a recessed m8 nut which can be inserted from the bottom. Securing the handy in the mount can be done using an m3 screw and wing-nut.

Aside from the 3d printed part, the other components (50cm+ bar-clamp, plank, m3 wing-nut, 40mm m3 screw, m8 nut, 60mm M8 hex bolt) should be easy to source at any diy store.

Someday I gotta draw a diagram for my handsfree Handy usage.
The TLDR of it is that I lay down, put the sleeve part of the handy facing me, and the base of the handy further down. The base goes on the family jewels, with some towels below it, to prop up the handy. Then I put my shorts or pants over the base of the handy to keep it locked in place, with another towel on top.
So basically, the handy is wedged between my family jewels + towels on top, and between my pants, so that it stays in place. The towels help you prop up the handy a few inches so you can get the handy to start right at the tip.

Ok, here’s my poor diagram. You can do a blanket but I just use my pants, same difference.


Well, the clamp for the handy generaly cant go all the way around due to the mechanics on 1 side. Sure, you can still have it clamp the top or bottom section (if its a good grip this should be fine), but i think its better to at least have 2 points of support so it cant slide inside the clamp.

But maybe for that we can use the existing mount extension (which then gets clamped on the base of this clamp again). This would even work if the handy is placed horizontal (the mount clamp avoids sliding in both directions then, while this clamp keeps it sturdy)

The moment there is a grip nearly all the way around, and a bottom support to avoid it sliding down, the handy is already secured quite well. A simple bottle holder can already fullfil that, but isnt the best solution because of the limitations of the bottle holder (essentialy only using it vertical works well for that)

Been using this one for the last couple months. Printed in PLA.

I just put a VESA mount on the back for my solution instead of the flexi thing in the link.


That looks like a realy good solution, sadly i dont have access to a 3d printer :frowning:

thanks for sharing this. I have been using the 4 piece solution. This one looks like it might work better

I use this 71mm ring with some double-sided tape on the inside of the ring. This both makes it tighter and adds tap-grip. I’ve had my mounted in this ring for literally hundreds of hours of use and it holds nice and strong… rock solid. Some of the solutions I’ve seen posted here are going to wobble a lot during use. This combo that I use is rock-solid. The only thing that moves is the sleeve no matter how tight or hard the action is.

So in total:

Mounted to a sturdy desk (i.e., the desk my monitors are on) is a killer combo. I couldn’t be happier.


I recently tried this setup from this reddit post by u/danielvj with immediate success (desk-mounted):

This requires the Handy hands-free cup and screws into this Camvate clamp mount

I was looking into hobby vices other users on reddit suggested and was amused to see this on Amazon:

I wonder what buyers are combining elastic straps with this vice :sweat_smile:?


I just jam my handy between my chair seat and the bottom of my desk then adjust the chair till it’s stuck :sunglasses: works everytime

Very nice - too bad I can’t print that because of my 3D printer’s size limitations. Maybe I can split into two parts that can be glued or taped together.
Thank you for posting it.

Petg is the way to go, but some type of pla+ should work a bit better than regular pla as the additives usually elimate some of the brittleness that goes along with pure pla. I used the microcenter brand, inland, for my ring clamp and the rest was made with pvc pipe and fittings along with a heat gun to flatten the pvc pipes that run under my legs to prevent discomfort.

How big is your print bed? The file i used for my hands free set up was just about an inch larger than the diameter of thehandy, everything else was bough at the hardware store for less than 20usd. Ill see if I can find the link to the original creator’s post if youre still looking.

Maybe you can print diagonally?

150x150mm print bed. I print most of my prints diagonally because (for some reason) it’s quicker on my printer by about 30% so that a job that would take 2h printed straight, when printed diagonally will only take 1:20h or so. I’m not sure why.

I don’t think it’ll fit, The Handy is much taller than 150mm.

Please have a look at the handy discord about this hands3 setup and if you have a 3d printer have yourself a fun test ride. Please let folks here and or there know how it went too. Good luck

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