DIY Venus2000 for use with scripts

Hi all, I’m very interested in the Venus 2000, but not living the high enough life to be able to spring 1000 on the machine.

That said, I’ve found some rather interesting designs for orderings the parts and assembling one yourself, and was thinking that if I were to do so, I would want to hook it up to an arduino and have the speed controllable via bluetooth/usb to link it up to scripts. I’d expect I’d need to convert the scripts somehow, but really haven’t looked into it further.

Has anyone done anything similar? I followed the steps for making an OSR2, but ofc that held my hand and I didn’t have to do much of the thinking myself, I’m not very well versed in actually tinkering.


Good find, definitely something to tinker around with. I have also been considering a Venus 2000, as I am starting to get a bit bored of all the common strokers (Handy, OSR, etc) Would love to figure out a way to integrate something like this with the OSR or even the Handy.

The problem is the limit in motion in the machine. The rotating part controls its suction, yet that is the part that you normaly want to be dynamic (which usualy demands a linear motion). Once you can edit that part so it works linear and can go to any position (at a decent speed), it becomes usable in funscripts.

If the rotating part could be replaced with for example a 2nd handy, and it becomes linear (and the handy is strong enough) this would be the easiest solution here.

But even then it has limits, even if the system itself has its air isolated properly, the receivers might still bleed some air (there is a good reason they use latex for this generaly doesnt allow this to happen). A fleshlight sleeve is guaranteed to lose its suction when there is no movement, its not ment to be airtight.

For this, you generaly want a system that can maintain suction (for example the serious kit as that uses a vacuum pump). But as far as i know it doesnt have any support for extra control and could be equaly limited to a v2k. And a serious kit is even more expensive than a v2k, so definitely not an option in your case.

But still, with faster motion, even if the fleshlight bleeds some air, this wont be a problem as each stroke you can reset the suction anyway. And if you can at least control the rotation changes rapidly so it follows the script as much as possible, i think it should be the best possible solution for a budget project, no need for a handy then. And sure, it might not be the perfect imitation for suction at all places, but it simply being there would be an improvement.

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve started this project for the second time ( first iteration worked descent ) decided to take it up again after seeing a video. on you tube. It’s an ingenious (and very simple) way to make the diaphragm. Or more accurately piston, closer to the Tremblr. I figure could use shorter piston strokes like kiiroo’s new power blow as well. Lots other Ideas and mods as well. I’ll update as seems relevant.

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This design uses a stepper motor. May have potential in playing scripts?

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Its still very limited as a rotation based system has flaws. With rotation 50% of the time it barely applies force, yet the other 50% applies it almost entirely (and this includes pushing force as well! for just suction its more like 25% of effective range).
And this weak is when the piston is full compressed or extended as it takes a lot more distance on the rotation to get any movement out of it.

You are often better off finding a linear system, or taking a significantly larger mechanism so only a small portion of the rotation can fully use the piston range (and note, that also risks breaking it faster).

I still think that using a vacuum pump (weak is fine, as long as we just have a buffer) and have a system with solenoids is the best way to get programmable suction. The strength of the pump then only needs to be strong enough so the buffer can be maintained.

A standard vaccuum cleaner has more than enough force here, and usualy also has a system in place to release pressure when it exceeds a treshold to avoid breaking the vacuum cleaner. The only problem is most of them being made noisy (a marketing trick since volume made people think it was stronger).

So i would realy recommend going for a system that can just be ‘charged up’ by a vacuum cleaner. Whatever device then is used isnt relevant, as long as the system behind it has good control.

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I made one last year with a large drone motor, 63mm air cylinder, ball screw and some 3d printed parts. The motor and ball screw allow for precise control.

It works but the air cylinder has a lot of friction in this application. You need significantly more power than with a fleshlight. The ball screw is also very noisy. The design wasn’t fully air-tight which required adjustments every 5-10 mins.

But the main problem is that this design has a lot of backlash. This is an inherent problem of air-pressurized designs. You’d need a certain amount of force to get the receiver to move and air is quite compressible, so fast/short movements aren’t possible.

Overall, the design of the venus is a lot more complicated than normal strokers. I can’t really recommend doing this.

…honestly, i think the idea of trying to get a Venus 2k, Tremblr, etc working with a Handy is doomed from the outset. The essential nature of closed loop vacuums is that they utilize the vacuum to provide motive force, and suction on the cock as a by product. The cock is separated from the piston vacuum by a membrane, so a secondary vacuum has to be created around it by the chamber, with a one way valve. This then fights any kind of [up_down] you want to program your Handy with. You could run a V2k like a Hysmith or vibrator script, altering the intensity, playing with the solenoid for differing suctions, but it’s never gonna be the same thing.

However, if the mission brief is actually, ‘i wanna scriptable sucking and fucking machine’, then i know how to get you there… been doing it for years… only it isn’t actually a scriptable machine… yet… lemme explain…

What you need isn’t closed loop vacuum, but open loop. Not that it doesn’t come with its own set of inherent problems, but it does happen to work perfectly with an [up_down] axis. In open loop, the vacuum from the piston is applied directly to the penis. The end of the pipe is essentially open to the atmosphere, and all that’s in the way is the clever design of the sleeve and one’s genitals. i have a thread about it here LINK (apologies to those that have already read it), and i have to confess it’s desperately old and needs updating, but you get the general idea of my approach.

Imagine the illustration in the YouTube link above, but with a sleeve instead of a cylinder, affixed at the top, and the solenoid drives a switch, for a one way valve, so the piston is [pulsing] or [sucking]. The pump could then be driven directly by a script (unlike in my set-up, where i have to manually adjust speed in steps) to synchronize with the Handy, if desired, though conflicting elements in this set up tend to synergies, and it’s not always necessary to smooth them out… they just work, it’s difficult to explain. Chaos theory meets masturbation, go figure.

Biggest problem is that there needs to be a really good match between the penis and the sleeve, so the suction is perfect. It kinda needs to be sized right, and i have no idea how to scale that up or down (i have only one penis). Hopefully it’s just a case of upsizing the sleeve. Interestingly, the Handy strap is positioned in exactly the right place (at the base) to produce the required vacuum effect over the head.

i could go on at length about how the many different variations of [valve_on/off] vs [pump speed] vs [handy_speed/position] affect the feels… it’s quite astounding… i’m learning new stuff all the time, and i’ve been doing this for ages already…

Best hobby ever…

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The serious kit milker tells me diffirent, there are a lot of multi chamber systems there. And some involve creating pressure while the other end applies suction. It even allows estim. If the device would not move up and down, the effect is generaly still going to be similar here, and allow pulsing of air on both ends.

The v2k and tremblr are a lot more limited here, but even with these you can actualy hold the receiver in place to create a diffirent suction moment. Doms that use this do this often as it often amplifies the suction.

So there is definitely a capability here, but whether it properly works here is a diffirent question. It might need some hose adjustments similar to how the serious kit milkers can be used on the v2k/tremblr.

And having one of those special receivers (more specificly this one), i can confirm they work very well with a tremblr except you must ensure air isnt blocked as the tremblr would stall in that case.

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…oh sweet goddess, i’d forgotten SK exists, thanks for the reminder! Been meaning to buy one of their suction machine for years…

…yea, SK are the absolute masters of this game, also they kinda run hybrid dual closed / open loop suction, all from their completely OP pump / chamber device. Honestly, the whole thing is on another level, but i believe it’s essentially it’s doing the same thing as both a Suck-O -Mat with the open loop and a V2k with the closed loop, at the same time. If one could somehow get a scriptable SK pump, oh the thrills and spills one would experience. i’d buy that for a dollar! Obviously, i’m several orders of magnitude out…

*swoon, want, etc…

So yea, on topic, finally, that gorgeous looking chamber above, with the estim and the constriction, it appears to operate with open loop pulsations, through the top, for suction to draw the head through the constriction, and closed loop through the side of the cylinder, for the motion. i’m curious how you attach it to a Tremblr, do you branch to both pipes, are there valves involved?

Essentially all these devices use the same type of piston driven, circular motion, suction pump (not sure about SK, prob similar, but God Emperor level). All the device does is pull air to produce a suction, then displace it again to send a pressure wave. What makes it ‘closed’ or ‘open’ loop is only down to chamber design.

What i have seen somewhere else is a vacuum pump attached to a modified V2K sleeve, at the top, instead of the one way valve, you now have pulsation, and with the V2K providing motive force, it was a kinda SK lite, but it seemed to work. Had a sump for lube capture, etc.

But still not scriptable, cos stupid pulsation pumps don’t lend themselves to positional motion… it’s all about the momentum… i suppose they could go backwards on command, but the momentum… ouch…

So i will still posit (your Honour), that if the design brief OP desired was to produce a scriptable suction machine, then the easiest way, surely, is to take a scriptable single axis (or more, if you’re feeling brave) machine, and add a pulsator device to it in open loop, with a switchable one way valve to control suction vs pulsation level. At that point, you can then script the pulsations at any intensity to interact with the motions in a cacophony of delicious and synergetic feels.

Scriptable suction machines ftw…

Just to give an idea how the receiver i have works with a tremblr. Each cycle it pressurizes the bottom, making it squeeze.
Its the bottom pressurizing that the v2k and tremblr cant, and realy gives it a milking feeling instead of being a vacuum stroker.

Then it depressurizes and pulls a vacuum in the top section.
The bottom section does already slightly deflate here, but usualy not enough to truly leak air into the top, making the vacuum stronger than the tremblr naturaly can.

Lastly the hose (near the top section) has an air/fluid leak ensuring no liquids can get into the tremblr, and making the vacuum stronger as well.

But you can adjust the 2 hoses to each section to differ the experience here. By for example making the bottom section half open. It now pushes more air into the top chamber, giving it a bit more pulsating as effect. At the same time, partialy closing the top makes the pressure at the bottom higher as less air is allowed to leak out towards the top chamber.
You can in some cases (slower speeds) even entirely close 1 of the paths (at faster speeds this causes a stall).

But its the estim part realy doing the final step. And to me that is the biggest advantage to have. An estim orgams into a vaccuum is intense, and especialy when the estim pulses can make the orgasm last significantly longer. Managing strong pulsing for 30s is well doable, while there is no cum coming out anymore, the estim causes a very strong effect.

And this construction (due to having 2 poles seperated) also allows 1 to be a buttplug.

The only real downside with the construction i have is that the estim only stimulates the tip. As the sleeve is conductive it generaly makes electricity take the shortest path so it wont realy reach the bottom (hence using a butplug helps).

Another small benefit, there is a lube entry hose which you can close. So you can just relube during the action (from my experience mixing conductive lube with water works best here as the water makes it thin and therefor seep through better and can reactivate the dried lube)

The main downside at first is weight. It takes quite a construction to use this hands free. And epsecialy since estim is involved. hands free is welcome or you could shock yourself a bit. But once you have a setup, weight is meaningless.

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…so a Y-piece with individual taps to a single Tremblr? Excellent hack! i just found out i’m only three hours drive from SK’s shop in the Cotswolds, so that might be a pilgrimage i need to make after Christmas. i’m so tempted to go down the entire route with SK, chamber, pump and all. Let’s hope Christmas doesn’t break the bank.

(As a side note on the subject of scriptable suction, there’s Syncbot, who generate vacuum by expanding the chamber whilst griping the base, producing negative pressure synergetically. Though it’s not a ‘true’ suction machine, with a dedicated pump, it does manage to produce a feeling of suction on command… or so i’ve been told. Of course, it’s limited to suction on the upstroke (cos that’s how it generates the negative pressure), so it’s more of an applied feeling that enhances a specific action only, but still, it is a solution, of sorts.)

Right, time to go screw some more hooks in the ceiling, many thanks for the detailed response…!


See here what it is:

I can imagine that the valves here could be automated. But the image gives a good idea of what already is doable and works.

Note that for the tremblr you might need a connection piece to have the hoses tightly connected. Something like:

And you dont need to worry about hose length either. They already sell a 4m hose (default is 2m) on the site of the tremblr itself.
(dont know the ideal measurements here though. so the specific size shown in the image might be off, you might need to measure the hose widths yourself. and then take a connection piece 2mm wider to ensure its tight)

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I made a new design for a servo-controlled pneumatic actuator based on SC63-150 cylinder and commonly available servo motors.

The printer files, assembly instructions and BOM can be found here: toy-designs/SC63 pneumatic stroker at main · diglet48/toy-designs · GitHub


Nice and compact design!

I use a more or less similar cylinder, but I’ve made changes to the rod and piston. I found them far too heavy for fast actions, so I replaced the rod with an aluminum smooth rod with a guide and the piston with a 3D-printed one using the original seal.

I’ve attached a pneumatic valve to the controller, which times it so that I can take air out of the system or put air into the system by pushing a button on a remote.

To be honest, I don’t use the vacuum part that much; I mostly connect a Fleshlight to the servo drive unit (funscript). That servo motor is a beast, it has no problem with a fleshlight and makes a handy look like a toy.

I decided I don’t need a pneumatic valve. The design is relatively airtight, I use multifunplayer with keyboard shortcuts to adjust the stroke length if needed.

Very interesting approach to modify the cylinder.

I had a little problem with the motor mount melting/bending, so that part needs a redesign (or better filament). Other parts are holding up well. I agree the toy itself isn’t that great, it damages my private parts if used too often and is not that stimulating in general. Good toy to have in the rotation, not great for daily use.

Greetings all, first time poster here. Wow, I finally found some kindred spirits with as much creativity and ingenuity to apply to this subject as myself! I too wanted a venus 2000 or a SK but both were prohibitively expensive. I am, however, educated in engineering…
The first device I made used a rubber toilet plunger driven by a junkyard windshield wiper motor to push air similar to a V2k lol. I later discovered serious kit and (already owning a vacuum pump) I realized the only part of their setup I needed was the pulsator. I got a cheap L80 pneumatic pulsator online and some liners from SK that I use in receivers I make from clear acrylic pipe. I experimented a lot, and I mostly use receivers made from 3" pipe and some 3D printed parts with latex liners that hold various toys. SK style sucking combined with FL texture is pretty amazing.
I didn’t improve much on that setup for a few years, but learned a lot about electronics and programming. A few months ago I started looking for a new pulsator, as it would act inconsistently with large volume receivers at certain speeds. I discovered they make electronic pulsators for milking machines, oh yes… I got a Boumatic style 24v electronic pulsator from aliexpress and have been controlling it with an Arduino, a 4 channel MOSFET board and a 24v power supply. Best upgrade yet. The pneumatic pulsators like SK uses have a fixed on/off vacuum ratio, (usually 60:40), have a limited speed range and require a minimum vacuum level to work. Now I can control the two pulsator solenoids independently, and at any vacuum level, which means nearly infinite possibilities. My current program is pretty basic, but has a few different patterns and speed control. I need to learn pretty much everything about scripting, as it applies here, but I think script control is possible with this setup.
PS - Thanks for sharing that servo controlled pneumatic cylinder! I may try building one of those…

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Adding script support will increase the enjoyment greatly. Something about not really being in control. Nothing like the first time using it, with the firmware still buggy, jerky motion, and yet being blown away with it.

I have the following flow for scripts, but you can omit the bluetooth part:

heresphere (vr player) → multifunplayer (pc) → bluetooth serial → controller (with HC-04 bluetooth to serial convertor)

Indeed, great to see like-minded explorers!

I’d like a DIY Venus 2000, but I haven’t found the way to make one without it being large and loud. It would be great if it could additionally be operated with a large power tool batteries, as well.