DIY Venus2000 for use with scripts

Hi all, I’m very interested in the Venus 2000, but not living the high enough life to be able to spring 1000 on the machine.

That said, I’ve found some rather interesting designs for orderings the parts and assembling one yourself, and was thinking that if I were to do so, I would want to hook it up to an arduino and have the speed controllable via bluetooth/usb to link it up to scripts. I’d expect I’d need to convert the scripts somehow, but really haven’t looked into it further.

Has anyone done anything similar? I followed the steps for making an OSR2, but ofc that held my hand and I didn’t have to do much of the thinking myself, I’m not very well versed in actually tinkering.


Good find, definitely something to tinker around with. I have also been considering a Venus 2000, as I am starting to get a bit bored of all the common strokers (Handy, OSR, etc) Would love to figure out a way to integrate something like this with the OSR or even the Handy.

The problem is the limit in motion in the machine. The rotating part controls its suction, yet that is the part that you normaly want to be dynamic (which usualy demands a linear motion). Once you can edit that part so it works linear and can go to any position (at a decent speed), it becomes usable in funscripts.

If the rotating part could be replaced with for example a 2nd handy, and it becomes linear (and the handy is strong enough) this would be the easiest solution here.

But even then it has limits, even if the system itself has its air isolated properly, the receivers might still bleed some air (there is a good reason they use latex for this generaly doesnt allow this to happen). A fleshlight sleeve is guaranteed to lose its suction when there is no movement, its not ment to be airtight.

For this, you generaly want a system that can maintain suction (for example the serious kit as that uses a vacuum pump). But as far as i know it doesnt have any support for extra control and could be equaly limited to a v2k. And a serious kit is even more expensive than a v2k, so definitely not an option in your case.

But still, with faster motion, even if the fleshlight bleeds some air, this wont be a problem as each stroke you can reset the suction anyway. And if you can at least control the rotation changes rapidly so it follows the script as much as possible, i think it should be the best possible solution for a budget project, no need for a handy then. And sure, it might not be the perfect imitation for suction at all places, but it simply being there would be an improvement.

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve started this project for the second time ( first iteration worked descent ) decided to take it up again after seeing a video. on you tube. It’s an ingenious (and very simple) way to make the diaphragm. Or more accurately piston, closer to the Tremblr. I figure could use shorter piston strokes like kiiroo’s new power blow as well. Lots other Ideas and mods as well. I’ll update as seems relevant.