How to Hack a 'Suck-O-Mat 2' (EU) or 'Hummer 2.0' (US) to give Full Controllable Suction for your Handy


There is a blowjob simulator machine on the market called a Suck-O-Mat 2 that i was using for some time before my Handy arrived. When my Handy arrived i was blown away by the phenomenal torque it had, and realized i should combine the two. i have made several modifications to the set-up, and am confident that it is now approaching its most mind-blowing, so i would like to share.

Over the decades i have spent many thousands upon thousands of pounds on sex stuff, many different things that suck and fuck, that hold you down, do weird stuff to you, fit in places you never expected, and so on and so forth, numerous iterations over the years. This ‘Suck-O-Handy’ combination is without doubt the most interesting and varied toy of them all, even my gorgeous sex dolls are now in extended hibernation.

The Pro’s:

  • Takes your Handy to unimagined new levels!
  • Facilitates long extended edging sessions.
  • Can be used without an erection.
  • An absurd amount of fine-tuning and control is possible with just a couple of inputs.
  • Make your own ‘filler’ whenever you want.
  • Analogue control system, no need to configure a PC or headset, ‘it just works…’

The Con’s:

  • Only one size of sleeve so far.
  • Suck-O-Mat 2 costs even more than a Handy!
  • Some additional noise.
  • Not scriptable for the suction (yet), manual fine-tuning is necessary during playtime.

The Hack:

The Suck-O-Mat 2 consists of three main parts, the suction pump, the sleeve, and an airline to connect them. Before the Handy arrived, i would suspend the sleeve from the ceiling (the airline has a sump to prevent backflow of lube to the pump, makes for a good attachment point) using string and some elastic so that the base was level with the base of my cock when lying down, and had the facility to bounce up and down. It would then dance around all night in the most entertaining way, but obviously following a set rhythm, a bit like a Cock Hero style blowjob machine. The pump has different speeds and rhythms, for example.

It’s important to point out that my set-up consists of a Quest 2 and a decent Wi-Fi, my PC is downstairs and i’m upstairs. i have absolutely no desire to be switching between VR and PC constantly trying to get some stupid video to wank me off. To me that is a total immersion breaker, i require immersion above all things, so my Suck-O-Handy hack has been designed with that in mind. Not that one couldn’t use it in conjunction with 147+ other toys, it’s just not what i do.

The mechanism by which the Suck-O-Mat 2 works is quite fascinating. It actually relies on there being some air in the sleeve, which allows for movement and different levels of suction within the sleeve. Without air in the sleeve, the feeling is a bit like a penis pump, a firm grip. When i was using it without the Handy, i would usually have to use a hand to squeeze the chamber in time with the pump, which produced a decent amount of motion. Once the Handy was connected, that was no longer necessary, but i did run into my first issue. Basically, the design allows a little air into the chamber each time it moves, after a number of movements there might be too much air, and the pressure that’s built up can force you out. This is much more pronounced if the Handy is doing a set of long strokes, and required me to fit a T-valve to the airline so that i could bleed air out when necessary, by squeezing the sleeve manually and closing the valve at the right time. Tricky and immersion breaking, but it worked.

The real advance was to then fit a simple air line valve, aquarium style, to the end of the T-valve, allowing air to pass out of the system, but not into it. When the valve is closed, the device operates normally, a little air can get in via the sleeve, it strokes beautifully, and as long as the Handy is simulating ‘deep’ strokes it can stay in that manner for quite some time. When the strokes become long, or concentrated at the tip (replicating a blow job, for instance), turning the valve on then allows air to gradually leave the chamber, increasing suction.

That is the Basic 101, in practise it results in a ridiculous number of subtle variations, one can play constantly with the suction, the speed of the Suck-O-Mat pump, the length of the Handy’s stroke, all on top of whatever the script is doing. The result is absolutely phenomenal. As a result of the suction, i can stay hard for hours, edging and milking scenarios are an absolute blast, etc. i cannot recommend this device enough.

Pertinent Issues:

We are all biology. And as such, we all operate radically different from each other. What works for me may well not work for you, or mayhap it might work better. i need to outline a couple of points about myself that are relevant.

First, i’m old. Ancient. Over nine thousand FIFTY! And i have been masturbating religiously for decades, my wiring is viably different now from when i started. i like having some suction, i don’t suffer from ED, but i do recognize my body is nowhere near as fresh and funky as it used to be. Where the increased stimulation and suction from my hack are good for me, they might be too much for someone else.

Second, i don’t have a biggus dickus, it’s a tad under ‘normal’ size i believe, (12 cm?) and fits perfectly into the sleeve provided. Which is the only size they made. And which try as i might i have not (yet) been able to find a hack for. i’ve tried Fleshlights, Tengas, even tried to make my own, the issue is that the original sleeve is actually the perfect design, and any deviation from it is an automatic fail. The sleeve is made from a relatively hard TPE (compared to an onahole, say), and the inside of it is composed of many long nubs, that deform under the internal pressure. This deformation allows the sleeve to maintain constant suction, and also a weird sorta tactile feedback, as the nubs move around. It’s very pleasant! But also unique, however now i’m curious if @burningshroom can make something similar if necessary, but longer, for the more endowed.

Other pertinent issue include the price (usually retails for more than a Handy). The extra noise (it does go ‘thumpa, thumpa, thumpa’ all night long…) which although obvious, is actually useful to the working of the machine, the slight noises it makes are the feedback by which you can control the finer subtleties. Also, it has a hypnotic beat to it, so it’s quite acceptable to me, but it is a thing. You might wanna put a hook in the ceiling, i still use the string and elastic from when i was using it as a stand alone, as it lifts everything clear, and i use it as a cable support for my Handy power supply. And the fact that you DO have to make adjustments might put people off, they might be after an entirely hands-free experience.

Also, i don’t know how it would react when used with a different hands-free set up to my one. i have sculpted a big old heavy DIY bath board to produce something that rests on the bed in front of me, it can move with me if i need it to, or i can move against it if i prefer. i can grip the board with my knees and feet, and play multi axis simulator if i want, it’s kinda fun and creative, but it might be influential in the way my Handy-O-Suck delivers, and worth considering as well.

So aye, i hope that helps someone somewhere. Please feel free to ask here or contact me if you have any further questions, if anyone does go mental and buy into this, i’d be fascinated to hear a different perspective on the subject, i feel like i’ve been trapped in an echo chamber for six months…!

Thank you…!



So here we are in my bedroom, everything set up and ready to go…

A different angle, pump and valve sit directly under my left hand…

The Suck-O-Mat suction pump, and position of the T-valve…

Different angle, black airline is 8 mm OD / 6 mm ID…

Close up of T-valve, in open position, push fit ftw…

6 mm ID to 4 mm ID reducer allows fitting of aquarium valve…

The sleeve, this one has never been used btw…

Check out the nubs on this baby…!

Fwwoah, more nubs! They really are a genius ideer…

Last nub shot, that’s it, shows over, go home…



I for one would love to know what lies inside the suck-o-mat. I’m gonna guess theres some sort of piston in there hooked to the airline, that is driven by a motor or some such. 250euros might be a bit on the pricy side for what’s in there.

Or, it could be a steal of a deal =P

Hearing the machine would give me a pretty good idea of what’s inside. Honestly, no matter if they’re using an actuator, piston, impeller, peristaltic, or whatever, the build cost is probably about the same (stepper motor, some hardware bits, custom pcb and display) and 125€ (100% markup assumed) seems about right for the type of parts that could be involved.

GERMAN ENGINEERING!!! (made in China…)

Simple enough to open up, just disengage an internal push fit…

PCB on the motor…

From the other side…

Back side of the display PCB, two further PCB’s for the controls…

Black motor, can’t see any markings at all…

Feeds into this beast crankcase, fully enclosed and lubed…

Crank is VERY firmly mounted to the baseplate…

Rotary arm…

Ball and socket absolutely covered in grease even after 18 months of hard work…

CNC milled case for compressor. Nice to see additional protection on the
exit tube. Also, the motor sits on a slip of sound dampening material, which
is a nice afterthought.

Don’t know if it’s bias, but i’m very impressed with the build quality. It’s totally solid, and it works as well today as the day i bought it. The motor is rated to 60w, a Tremblr for example has at most a 96w motor in it, i think, so the Suck-O-Mat is not underpowered. i preferred using the Suck-O-Mat over the Tremblr, it’s more gentle on the low end, the Tremblr is quite rough in comparison, though it does fulfil a different brief. The only other sucking machine i can compare it too personally (other than a vacuum cleaner :dizzy_face:) is some random cheap livestock milker i bought, retailed for approx half the price of the Suck-O-Mat, was UTTERLY useless in comparison, hardly any power, very loud, stupid design, etc. One of the few things i sent back, saw no use for it ever.

Incidently the original Suck-O-Mat 1.0 is available, it has less power (30w compared to 60w), and a useless hollow (no nubs!) receiver and a different airline, but it looks pretty similar in terms of operation. It retails for €150 compared to the 2.0 @ €250. Yea, it’s a thing but i would go straight for the 2.0, for the price difference it’s just not worth it imo…


Think i could get my tremblr working the same way you did? Prefer the handy for the immersion into the scene but the tremblr doesnt give up unless it pops off. Ps you ever have that problem?

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Popping off? Aye! (Though i haven’t used the machine for some time, this is from memory…) Most important is to get the stroke length set right, adjusted via the crank in the case. Be modest, i would advise? Too much crank action can send it popping. Also, i suspend the receiver from the ceiling, so it’s not falling over, if it’s resting on my stomach it tends to work it’s way off my cock. Also it just feels wrong unless it’s suspended. Then it’s down to fine-tuning with the remote control, finding that sweet spot where there’s plenty of movement, but it’s not getting too close to the end. If you’ve done all that and i’m just stating the bleeding obvious, i could get it out for a whirl, compare notes.

However, i do agree, the Tremblr is a bit much at times in VR, i think that was actually the reason why i bought a Suck-O-Mat, cos i wanted something more gentle, and more controllable. i do know that Maus of ‘Maus-Tec’ is working on an integration with the Tremblr for their Edge-O-Matic 3000 (dafuq is going on with all these hyphenated O’s?) which will probably result in a better control tech for the Tremblr, from the sound of it the whole board’s getting replaced. Also, i recently read that you can use the much smoother V2k receptor and sleeve with Tremblr, though i dunno if it needs an adaptor? That would also make it less aggressive. ‘Serious Kit’ sells smooth sleeves for the Tremblr as well.

Note, i didn’t at any point attempt to fit the Tremblr to the Handy, it just seems like there’s gonna be too many forces fighting each other in different directions. Seemed like a good way to break my Handy, or my dick… or both!

Just occurred to me, the way the remote control works on the Tremblr seems similar to my Handy-o-Suck hack with the T-valve, it must be operating some valves that allow more or less air into the system…

Inside a tremblr…

Yea, i bet it’s those two blue solenoids to the left. Nice, concurrent evolution in action…

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Ha, interesting that you’re posting this now. I’ve also recently been combining my handy with a Venus 2000 ( with similarly great success. The venus actually solves some of the problems you’ve had to DIY, since the chamber already makes use of a one-way air valve and the machine comes with a simple two-button box to add or remove air from the system. Of course the venus is also 3 times the price, so it’s not exactly an easy purchase.

Interestingly, the suck-o-mat does solve the one issue I have with the venus, which is the sleeve. The sleeve of the venus suction chamber is a simple rubber material with little to no texture. Normally, that’s actually preferable, since the venus can actually go VERY fast and you don’t need additional friction, but if you’re using it with the handy, then the lack of texture can be a bit frustrating.

Glad to see more people trying out different toy combinations. One thing I’ve been really tempted to try is to hook up one of the electro-lined tubes from seriouskit. They sell suction tubes that work with the venus where the sleeve liner is conductive and the whole tube can be connected to an e-stim machine. Then you’d get the motion of the handy, the suction of the venus, and the electrical stimulation from the estim machine all at once. You’d probably spend an hour setting it up and then cum in 5 seconds from all the stimulation, but those would be a hell of a five seconds.

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…lol, maybe you need a Tremblr sleeve!

The difference in suction technique between the V2k / Tremblr and the Suck-O-Mat is even more diverse, i think.

The V2k and Tremblr both share the same genius closed loop design, where the suction tube enters a solid chamber, with the sleeve inside that. At the top is the one-way valve you mention, that creates the suction in the inner chamber where one’s cock is, so that when suction is initiated in the outer chamber, the whole receptor is drawn down. And in return, when the pump pushes air into the chamber, the chamber is forced upwards. The net result is a machine that sucks and fucks! As it is closed loop, with no air entering the suction chamber unless specifically dictated by the remote, it has perfect suction, and an amazing amount of torque on every stroke. Hence my reticence with using it with the Handy, it might be that the smooth V2k sleeve is actually doing you a favour here, as it has a certain amount of slippage.

The Suck-O-Mat operates kinda differently. It is an open loop design, it has but a single chamber, the suction feeds directly into this chamber, and it’s in the same place the penis sits. This sleeve is correspondingly very thick-skinned, and this thickness is what enables it to have some suction. Yet it also deforms (and expands) to grip the penis, and with the nubs (mmmm…) this creates suction. But it’s still open at the base to the atmosphere, remove the penis and it’s sucking in the surrounding air. Hence the reason it’s best described as a blowjob machine, (it basically operates on the same principle as a human mouth), and the other is a fuck machine. I think it’s this combination of an open loop system, with the squishiness, and the nubs (oh the nubs…) that makes the S-O-M so suitable for use with a Handy.

My opinion is that there’s too much power in the Tremblr type device, but you’re using one, so imma have to experiment now, see what’s a happening. Probably do myself an injury, but i’ll do anything for SCIENCE!!!

And then there’s Serious Kit. Once you’ve bought all the toys, then you go Serious Kit. One day imma win the lottery and go fucking mental in that shop, i absolutely loves his stuff. Combined with a Handy? Holy fuck. Maus has integration for the Edge-O-Matic 3000 for the Venus, and soon for the Handy and hopefully X-toys for the estims. Combine a Serious kit sleeve and an electro box and script the motions, and that’s full on Brat Princess level of edging and denial tech. Oh deer, i think i need a lie down…

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Hah! The mad lads did it! The motor is some type of a windshield wiper motor (sub $40usd) , and the little box with the piston is just a short pneumatic piston.(unknown price) I’m not sure what adjustments you can make with the machine other than speed. I looked it up and the “gear” thing has to just be settings, as far as I know there aren’t gearboxes that switch on wiper motors, however I’d imagine it’s something to do with how the motor impulses behave, because I don’t think it works like a Venus (constantly rotating motor drives a piston)

Very cool. While the parts may be inexpensive, the time to drive the thing in patterns rather than just round and round is probably worth the price.

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how would you rate the suck-o-mat 2.0 as a device on itself ? is the sucking strong ( strong vacuum ) or mild ( fleshlight with cap on ) or how would you describe it.

Can you also change the sleeve with a little DIY to say a fleshlight?

im kinda interested in getting one :eyes:

…love it, worth it’s weight in coin. The suction feels pretty strong, not Venus 2k levels, but considerably stronger than the passive Fleshlight. For example, it’ll take a limp dick and make it hard, it has enough power to act like a penis pump, though with a more gradual effect. When it’s in its natural configuration, it reminds me of the end of some horny dick hunting anime tentacle some succubus had suspended above the bed to torment me with… xD

Yea, using the S-o-M as an enhanced wanking device is REALLY good. It’s actually a devastatingly effective edging machine, you can adjust the intensity to something much lighter than the Handy, but with a blowjob effect. Toe-curling…

There is a learning curve, of course. I suspend some string on elastic from the ceiling, and hold the S-o-M receiver up with that, base just above my pubis. Then it has the freedom to move about ‘on its own’. One should use one’s hand with it. A light squeeze in the right spot dramatically increases the suction / motion effect, it’s very easy to be your own ‘real time’ script machine.

I tried modding a fleshlight, no joy. The beauty of the design is in part in the design of the sleeve. The sleeve is very thick TPE, and fairly high shore hardness for a sex sleeve. As such, it has an intrinsic rigidity to it that a fleshlight doesn’t have, and the suction works perfectly with that rigidity. It’s perfectly tuned, basically. Of course, i have no idea how far from my particular penis size you can deviate before performance drops off because too tight, or too loose. i’m about 12-13 cm, normal sorta proportions, if that helps. Perhaps one could remove the Fleshlight sleeve entirely from the case, and cast some additional silicone round it, that might approximate the sleeve. However, i believe the nubs on the inside are for more than just a nice feeling, i think the way they deform allows vacuum to build and drop quickly at points, which adds to the effect. i really wanna get some new sleeves made for it professionally at some point, maybe chances are there’s no point, and the current one is the best design possible.

At first when i MacGyver’d these two together, i just switched it on and assumed that was that, but i’ve begun to use it without the suction effect for certain scenes, like touching and handjobs, then using the suction for blowjobs and fucking. Result? Even more immersion! One can set the passive suction in the sleeve, with the pump and valves, then it moves about perfectly for whatever the scene is.

Personally, if it was a toss up between the Handy or the S-o-M on a desert island (with porn… and electricity… mmmm…) i’d be hard-pressed to know which to take. The Handy for that ‘you weren’t expecting it!!!’ motion…? Or the S-o-M for the incredible sleeve and blowjob feels…?

Really, i couldn’t say…


(Edit: Yea, with retrospect it would be the Handy… but by goddess, it’s a tough choice… and i’d need a really nice set of sleeves to compensate! And scripts! Obviously…!)



hahah what a description, sounds great! I think im gonna place an order soon for the 2.0 :eyes:


Maybe I’m a moron. But how do you order this thing ? I looked all over their website and can’t find how to order the damn thing.


^ internet search only, i’m afraid, the company don’t seem to have any meaningful presence.

Oh, top tip before i forget, use X-Lube! That stuff is fucking incredible, started using it recently and the sleeve feels like its on a different level! Mix it nice and thick for full on tentacle porn slime based fun…!


I am really intrigued by this, but man that price tag is rough. I’m not sure how I could justify not just getting an OSR at that price point.

I’m guessing something like this isn’t even worth comparing to the real suck-o-mat.

If you wanted to extend the sleeve to take advantage of the Handy’s full stroke range, do you think you could take a thin sleeve like this (these are actually my favorite daily use sleeves and here’s my post on how to secure smooth sleeves to the Handy strap), cut off the top, and then pull it over the lower part of the suck-o-mat sleeve? I understand what you’re saying about the sleeve being tuned to the machine which is why I’m asking.

If anyone is thinking about this, and is also looking for a hands free setup, check out my post here. The looping gooseneck design should be perfect for hanging a toy like this one. I made the gooseneck on mine more rigid by taking some plastic tubing, slitting it up the middle, sticking it on the gooseneck, and then wrapping some tape around it.

I’m seriously not trying to spam my own posts. :rofl: I just hope someone might find it helpful.

…i absolutely hear you on the price tag, in terms of any advantages over the OSR i’d have to say it would probably be situational. Personally i don’t have an OSR, would love to, but a) don’t have a PC in bedroom, use Quest 2 for everything, and b), want the least hassle possible, and c), there’s a noise factor to consider, would have to install very expensive servo’s i think… not sure about that bit. Additionally, a Suck-OwO-Handy is two machines, it’s modular, so one can choose to use one on its own, if appropriate. Oh, and it doesn’t need multi axis scripts. And the suction is active, not passive.

Obvious big disadvantage is that it isn’t an OSR+/SR6, (i REALLY want one of those at some point in my life, it’s just not feasible atm) so not multi axis, completely different kettle of fish, wtvr.

OMG, that thing on Aliexpress… yea, i can’t see the pump on that lasting more than six hours at best. However, the principle is sound, and fascinatingly… the receiver has nubs in it! I’m guessing they nicked the design, so the question for me is, can i use this as a spare / alt. sleeve? Is the quality of material appropriate? Only one way to find out! i’ll order one and see, but no, there’s no way that pump is gonna hack it. FYI, bought one of these once to experiment (not the cow… the pump…):

It was terrible, hardly any suction, LOUD AS FUCK!!! Sent it back within an hour.

Extended sleeve ideer is really clever, you’d need a bit of trial and error to get it right, be nice to find a sleeve that has a thick section and a thin one, in two obvious bands, then cut away any extra faf and use the thin part around the Suck-OwO-Handy sleeve, and the thick bit extending below. Nice.

Personally, i can’t see why those goose necks don’t buckle under all the thrusting and so forth, is the torque on them really strong? i have my Handy attached very strongly to the specially thinned end of a short solid bath bench thing made of wood, and because there’s quite a lot of intrinsic weight in the bench and all, it can move about whilst acting like a dampener, stops the Suck-OwO-Handy from ‘tearing itself apart’… maybe… i dunno… there is quite a lot of torque thumping around down there at times, what with the suction going one way, and some crazy vibration heavy cock wrencher of a script going the other way, lots of X-lube really helps too! i’d love to see somebody else have a hack at it, i’ve kinda settled on my way of doing it, would love to know what other ways there are…!

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Please let me know when you get the cheap Aliexpress version. I would love to know what you think of it. Maybe someone can figure out how to hack it to a stronger pump.

Those sleeves I linked to are really cheap, thin, and light so you might be able to put two on each other or find another way to thicken the lower section.

Once I wrapped the plastic tubing around the goosenecks, I’ve never had any trouble with stability. The Handy is mounted to it and positioned so the buttons are facing you as it was intended to be used. That means the bottom of the device is actually resting on you. Additionally I put some towels and blankets on top of the whole set up which not only works great as a noise dampener but also adds some extra weight. The whole thing is very comfortable and quiet. I initially used it at a desk with the suction cups stuck to the table, but now I just use it lying in bed with the suction cups under my legs.

Didn’t someone here develop software that allows ScriptPlayer to talk to two Handys at once? Maybe there could be a way to make sucking scripts for the suck-o-mat and other sucking machines to be used in combination with the Handy. If nothing else, maybe it could take a regular stroking script and turn on the suction during the upstrokes. The strength of the suction could be determined by the length of upstroke or just randomized suction strength might be even better and more realistic. Then again maybe the OSR already has a module for this.

…i don’t always quote myself, but when i do, you can bet it’s so i can have a massive wank because i’m a lazy cunt.

Yea, as above, decided to make some Frankensteins’ monster of a sleeve out of the Quickshot and the OG sleeve.

IF it works, it could potentially solve the main issue i have with encouraging people to go out and invest in the tech, which is the lack of sleeves that work with the vacuum effect.

IF this works, then the Suck-OwO-Handy potentially can be used by peeps with larger than regular sized ‘meatsceptres’, and introduces a variety of different sleeves, with different textures, where before there was only the one.


Edit: LOL, they make a connector for Quickshot, so you can put two in series, if you have a particularly long cock! Could mean that Handy-OwO-Suck Quickshot sleeve hack could be adapted for really long peeps! Awesome…!

Link to Quickshot Connector

…cheap Chinese sleeve vacuum thing arriving Dec 10th… sigh… In relation to my random jibber above, maybe cheap Chinese sleeve could work with Quickshot as well… Hmmm…

Ahh! i missed your bit about the plastic tubing. Yea, sounds perfect, solid base like that would do perfect for the high torque of suction device mod, plus anything you can use comfortably in bed is an absolute win for me.

On the subject of fully automating and scripting for a Suck-OwO-Handy, believe me when i say, i have spent a LONG time thinking about that. You would need a script for:

A device that allows one to program [click_up/click_down] on the vacuum pump.
A device that allows one to program [on/off] on the T-valve.

But… there are issues…

The timings of the pump and valve are, in my mind, very dependent on the state of one’s own biology at that moment. Yea, i will initiate various patterns dependent on the actions, to enhance the immersion, but i also need to make adjustments to ‘trim the sails’ as it were.

Now, i don’t know how much of that is because of my own stupid getting older biology, or what. It could very well be that the devices would work perfectly well, just incorporate some basic ‘trim_sail’ protocols in the script, it would work. And it would be awesome to have the T-valve automated, that fucker does some weird shit to your boihood at times, be interesting to feel what that’s like cycling on and off.

BUT… i don’t even know if they make S-o-M any more… i’ve no problem tearing one open and spending weeks / months learning all about electronics (properly), i just wonder how much use it is to anyone else… be fun to have ones own unique Frankensteins’ wank machine though!!! xD

Edit: Also, a massive advantage that the Suck-OwO-Handy has is that it only needs a single script, so i can use it with a Quest2 in bed, and nothing else, other than a Wi-Fi connection. i hate ANYTHING that breaks immersion, and not having to deal with a PC and a suite of apps and programs that all need to function seamlessly… (*shudders, no thanks…) i get stressed enough when the damned Handy servers are down, last thing i need are numerous other levels of [this_could_all_go_tits_up_at_any_moment!!] floating around whilst i’m trying to lose myself in the moment.

Also, i REALLY need to redo the front end of this post, in the many months i’ve been using this hack, my technique has changed considerably, and the front end needs to reflect that…