DLNA is getting back to SLR app during this week

We have been intensively brainstorming and it seems likely to get DLNA back for Premium users.

Potentially we can get SMB with the same logic later on.

Happy Easter everyone!

Sorry for all the confusion and thx for being with us.


Sounds amazing.

Well, this whole saga still led me to XBVR, which does seem to be slightly better with DeoVR. But good to see y’all keeping your customer base as wide as possible. I’m sure some people will disagree, but I think putting your player features behind the paywall as part of the subscription is a reasonable approach.


So good to see the apps droping to two stars
good job, keep going


Glad to hear that. I have no problem paying for services that bring me added value. I’ve been with SLR for over a year now and the DLNA feature is and has been an important part of your services for me.

Sure it will trigger some people that it will no longer be available in the free version but there will be alternatives. Heresphere will probably fill the gap in the near future, but it won’t be free either. The app will probably cost a one-time fee of around $30 and will not rely on a subscription model.

One business idea that might be interesting to you is to sell a product that a large percentage of people really want: A DLNA, and script capable standalone VR player. You have already developed this product with the DeoVR-Player and it works very well. How about a “DeoVR Premium”?

As I work in the IT sector myself, I can understand that the support of several different services/products is time-consuming and not always compatible with the company’s vision. Also, one-time payment for software is a dying concept as you can see for example with Microsoft Office. From a business perspective, however, it can make sense if the market is large enough.


Thx for understanding.

I do agree we could have done a better job investigating technical and business side of things.

Thx for suggestion. We are really short on resources to manage multiple products. The idea is to have apps free for SLR users.

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Whoehaaa…that is awesome :slight_smile:

Not to do free marketing analysis for ya, but…

I think one of the issues you’re running into is that people don’t see DeoVR as a product unto itself, even though their struggles to replace it for free or otherwise show it clearly is one. You probably can’t change that view in the eyes of current users anytime soon, but you might consider making it more of a total package deal in how you present it. Instead of it being “DeoVR, a free player which works with your Premium SLR subscription”, it’s “SLR Player, a subscription streaming service with a trial mode that can view a few free scenes/trailers.”

Obviously some of the negative response is just coming from the never-pay crowd who have a tendency to be simultaneously the loudest and least important group. But just generally speaking if you want to monetize features of the player itself in the future (which, again, seems totally reasonable to me) that could help avoid people balking every time something goes behind a paywall.

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