Does anyone have a Vorze A10 Cyclone script that actually works on ScriptPlayer?

I recently got a Vorze A10 Cyclone (highly recommended, btw). The Vorze successfully responds to funscript commands in Syncydink, but not in ScriptPlayer. The device successfully connects, but it’s just completely non-responsive to ScriptPlayer commands.

I’ve been reviewing the code and it looks like there is some custom Vorze logic in Syncydink that’s not implemented in ScriptPlayer: syncydink/HapticsToButtplug.ts at master · qdot/syncydink (

I’m going to submit a bug report for ScriptPlayer this weekend once I have a better handle on the code, but in the meantime I was trying to find a Vorze script that actually works in ScriptPlayer, since that might help me narrow down the issue. Does anyone have one?

Regarding file format, I believe the script can be a Vorze csv or a funscript. It appears that ScriptPlayer can read both.

Hi @chelvk32 - I have a Vorze cyclone too (and love it) just wish we could refine some scripts for it to utilize its full potential but hopefully support is coming through SLR interactive soon

It should work through Scriptplayer and Buttplug Initface though - check out steps how here (ignore vr part if just using 2d):

I believe Vorze A10 Cyclone playback is identical in syncydink and Buttplug intiface - but its a CSV to funscript conversion that occurs (not true native Vorze playback like their original Vorze player app) -

@qdot / @Liquid - please correct me if I am wrong about that

That’s correct - the playback is quite different than the original because of the conversion to/from funscript

Thanks for the replies and info! Just to clarify my question: Are you guys saying you have actually successfully gotten the Cyclone to respond to commands in ScriptPlayer? For me, Scriptplayer successfully connects to buttplug, and the Vorze is successfully detected within ScriptPlayer, but the device itself doesn’t respond to the scripts. (I tried the same scripts in Syncydink and the Vorze responds in sync to the script with no problems.)

Also, my Onyx+ and Max 2 work perfectly in ScriptPlayer, so I’m thinking it is something to do with Vorze & ScriptPlayer specifically. I also found a few old posts and GitHub threads where people had the same issue with ScriptPlayer (Vorze connected & detected but not responding), but couldn’t find any evidence that anyone ever actually got it to work.

I’ve never owned one myself, but I have received feedback of successful operation and quite a few change-requests regarding the script conversion - so there’s gotta be someone that got it working (that was quite some time ago however and used an older version of buttplug. Maybe it broke and nobody noticed?)

Update: I managed to find a user-made app on a Japanese Patreon-style site. The app apparently plays scripts for all Vorze products, and I can confirm it works perfectly with the Cyclone A10: Bluetooth対応連動プレイヤー SyncPlayerBLE 試用版 - helphatの倉庫 (helphat)の投稿|ファンティア[Fantia]

It connects to the device instantly (I’m on a Windows 10 PC with a Bluetooth 5.0 PCIe card), and it works with all of the csv scripts I’ve tried so far. (I used a bunch of converted WankzVR scripts to test it out.) Here’s a link to the Funscript-to-Vorze converter I used:
RealTouchScripts & VorzeScripts & Launch Scripts • View topic - Funscript Converter for Vorze A10 Cyclone

Back to the SyncPlayerBLE: There’s a free trial version that will only play the first 3 minutes of whatever files you load, so you can try that first if you want to verify that it works on your computer. The full version is about 5 USD. Definitely worth it for the ease-of-use (you can connect & play in literally just two mouse clicks). The one negative is that I don’t believe it supports VR, so you might have to get creative with 180 SBS view in Virtual Desktop. So, the end result is similar to using Intiface + Syncydink, but with a simplified user experience and the ability to play Vorze csv’s directly.

If anyone speaks Japanese, I’d definitely recommend searching for teledildonics content in that language, because there seems to be a pretty active community for this type of stuff that would be hard to find with an English-language search.

Mine broke a year ago, I purchased a launch and was very disappointed. Nothing can beat the feeling from a vorze a10 cyclone with the vortex sleeve. I always used the funscript to vorze converter and had no problems with that. But i had to run it with the media player that came with the vorze.

Hey man, I’m here to confirm this program works. Took the leap of faith and bought it though I couldn’t read the Japanese. I searched far and wide and this was the only program that works, connects easy too, no need for Intiface or Buttplug.

could you upload an older version of syncplayerBLE? v2.1.5 and below. i purchased it but v2.2 removed compatibility with the UFO SA device and I cant find a download for any previous version.