Don't know if this is help...but maybe it helps someone down the line

Guys and gals…NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER purchase ANYTHING HP. Just shit products. Nothing but issues and trouble with this 2 month owned laptop. CONSTANTLY AND CONTINUALLY recently disconnecting from WIFI. SO MANY NUMEROUS ISSUES NOW WITH SCRIPTPLAYER AND HANDYFEELING. It has become nonstop. BIGGEST purchase regret EVER. Unless it is my WIFI…which I have no issues with ANY other devices. Just this piece of shit. It has now started struggling to just WATCH a video without issues. Pauses, skips…just fucking insane. Such a regret. AVOID HP PRODUCTS LIKE THE FUCKING PLAGUE OR COVID.

Thanks @sentinel . As I stated…not sure where it belonged. :woman_shrugging:


at first i was wondering what sex toys HP makes lol…

have you tried getting a USB bluetooth receiver and using bluetooth instead of wifi?

Hey…@hugecat . Thanks for the response. Honestly, I am tired of bitching about it. REALLY. It has drained me. I have connected via Bluetooth, but I felt timings were off. I don’t know. I just have had nonstop issues with this laptop. Issues I never had with the shitty ASUS I had before it decided to not charge any longer. NEVER ANY ISSUES WITH IT.
With this laptop…SO MANY issues recently. Well, since I got it. Now, I have to perpetually disconnect from WIFI and reconnect while DL things. It just stops.
I DL via videodownload helper (which I assume ALOT of vids have to be DL) with Mozilla…and it slows EVERYTHING down.
Issues with scripting like never before. JFS has become a pain. I can’t get OFS to cooperate. I know alot prefer it. It has become such a problem. JFS often is now shutting down or freezing. I never had this problem until this CPU. I honestly could go on and on about it. I just can’t.
Throw on top of that the recent issues with MS Edge…which I am not a fan of…
Just nonstop issues. :worried:

Do you still have your Asus? If you have access to the battery then buying a new battery will take care of the non-charging issue almost every time.

That is a lesson I had to learn years ago. Their consumer line are more than poorly designed. Problems with the simplest things non-stop like broken drivers for the touchpad and so on. And after a time all my devices became unusable because of hardware issues. After the warranty period expires of course. Products in HP’s business line are ok but their consumer line isn’t worth your money.

too late to return it? I can relate tho. I had this Sony laptop and mostly everything was fine, except they put the shittiest wifi card in the thing, and it hamstrung the whole experience so much.

@BuckNekkid yeah, I still have it. I bought a charger I thought would work. NOPE. I could access the battery and at this point WHY NOT. It is just gathering dust. I didn’t because I didn’t want to screw it up.
I don’t know. I had the ASUS for less than a few years. I have had this shitty HP for less than 3 months. It is so exasperating. Are PCs such shit? Again, outside of scripting and ENJOYING scripts…I NEVER bother with ANYTHING Windows (although I am a Diehard XBOX fan :woman_shrugging:) I am a MAC person. I have had an iMac desktop for 14 years…and yes, it is NOW having problems…just slow, but it performs as well as a recently bought PC. Is that normal? Two PCs in less than 4 years and they are TRAGIC.
And NO @senorgif2 I can’t return. I complained to HP and they suggested the same. Then it began functioning. So I forgot about it. Now warranty up. It looks like I am stuck with a $200 piece of shit.

unfortunately you have to spend quite a bit more cash than that to get a PC that runs well, at least on windows. You could try turning it into a Linux machine, not sure if all the funscript stuff will work there tho.

I have had fairly good luck with laptops but I am mainly a PC guy. A few months back my laptop’s battery was at 0% and would not take a charge whatsoever. I verified that the charger output was good so I replaced the battery for something like $20 or so and it works just fine. I just did a search on the battery model number and bought an exact replacement.

Yeah HP really does suck. Ive worked with enough HP products that I have a laundry list of problems with them.

the most aggregious in my opinion is that in order to use a multi-function HP printer, if you dare to even attempt to do anything more than print, its time to make an HP account. There are workarounds but most people will just use the HP smart app.

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thank you so muuuch!!!

@VladTheImplier I REALLY should have my head checked for buying this shit. Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention. I think I must have been a bit hungover and was looking for the cheapest (relatively) laptop I could find. As I have stated numerous times, I don’t use it for anything other than scripting and playing scripts.
In the past, my mother had and has HP printers and THEY HAVE ALL SUCKED! FUCKING SUCKED! I have an epson printer I bought in 2008 and it still prints pretty much flawlessly. Scans as well.
I just had a lapse of lucidity and made a STUPID purchase.
@senorgif2 I really didn’t want to spend much money for a cpu that I would pretty much use to browse and make and play scripts. $200 SHOULD be able to get you something that can do those pretty basic functions.

sorry to hear about all the troubles. the dell xps line of laptops are good for when you get another down the line. hp tends to come with bloatware (things that slow down one’s computer)

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To be honest all vendors will do that.
in fact dell specifically has a known issue with thier support assist tool that corrupts drivers and bluescreens windows 11 installs.

been that way for a while now and still not fixed.

My advice is to get whatever hardware you want and just do a clean install.

I have tools that can activate windows without a key if anyone needs.

@EvelynEvil666 I fell your pain buddy, but this is not a PC related issue, it’s a manufacturer related issue I would say, HP are know to be crap(or at least as stated, the consumer ones).
And comparing a mac for double, trippel, quadruple or even more the money is not fair in my opinion. Try getting a PC for the same money as that mac cost and you will be happy :slight_smile:
In the end PC’s usually requires more computer know how then macs do, they just work but have less custom-ability.

Sad for you that you can’t return it for a better laptop, I had many Asus, Acers and Sonys and they have all been great for many years.

Are you able to get a non HP windows and try to install a fresh windows without any bloatware ?
Look on Ebay and you can find Windows 10 for under 10$ and just download a standalone copy directly from Micro$oft (if you are ok with running windows 10)

Hope that you get it sorted and can get back to just enjoying scripting without having to be a PC technician.
Best of luck buddy, please let me know if there is something I can do to help out :slight_smile:

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Well…I know it is a fair comparison between my $2000 mac and a $200 hp laptop, but SHIT! I expect the laptop to AT LEAST function in a basic way. And I am certain a $2000 pc is all fine and dandy. I just won’t spend that much for a pc. Now if I could somehow make scripting a full-time gig, then I would shell out some dough. Other than that and scripting and playing scripts, I don’t have a reason to use them. Being in art and an art professor, mac is the standard. And I have had apples for 12 years or so. And the computer know how? Yeah…i don’t “know how” to do much with computers in general besides some basics.
In the end, I am to blame for not being lucid and avoiding hp ANYTHING. Just a bone-headed purchase. I would be much more upset if it cost me more, but it would probably function better.
Oh…and if I tried installing windows 10, then I KNOW I would only make things worse. I’ll just persevere.
Thanks for the advice.


I solved this issue on a few hps before, the driver for the battery gets corrupted or fucked or whatever and if you can find the driver and reinstall it it usually works fine. Battery may not hold a decent charge BUT you can keep plugged in and it works. Dont know if that helps with your old laptop but you may get it back when the computer finally recognizes the power source again. Ive always disliked HP computers, and i know nothing about apple except how to grow them (farmer here) so i just stick with asus.

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Well, the one I had before this HP was an Asus. That is the one that could no longer charge. It won’t even charge or turn on plugged in. I thought it was the charger. I got another and it didn’t work. Maybe the port is no good.

You most likely need a replacement battery.

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If I had spent more than $180 on it…and if it wouldn’t have lasted around 2 years, which I know isn’t terribly long time…then I would have done more to fix it. I figured in 2 years…making all the scripts I was able to AND the amount of pleasure it brought me :wink: :wink:, then it was a pretty good deal. Maybe one day I will mess around and see if I can’t TRULY wreck it by trying to install a new battery. :laughing: I am just gonna continue to persevere with this HP…for now. As I said earlier, I sorta deserve the headaches for not avoiding HP when I was replacing the Asus. Actually, thinking about it now…I don’t think I have EVER bought a pc in my life…and I am not young. I always had cast-offs or hand-downs before buying macs. I just ABSOLUTELY forgot how trash HPs are…well, that comes from my experiences, really my mother’s, with HP printers.