EroScripts community events - looking for organizers, judges and helpers

Hello everybody!

Thank you for participating and already discussing about community events in this thread.

General voice seems people would be interested and seeing good amount of participation in the last events makes me hopeful this is something we can do regularly. So I thought I give it a go and see how many people are interested in participating.

To organize everything, I made a Discord server. Here we can talk about the events in general, organize everything, set up some prices and judge the entries.

The events will of course all be hold here on EroScripts, it’s nothing exclusive for people who join the Discord. It’s just for a better communication and organization. And the events also should be a little bit of a surprise and it would be boring if everything gets spoiled early :slightly_smiling_face:

Making this alone is not easy, as it’s already been stated. That’s why I am looking for people who may want to participate. I split everything in different roles that everybody can take. These events are just for fun. If you join, but maybe after some time you don’t want or can’t participate anymore, it’s no problem at all. Just let us know and then it’s all good. I don’t want to make it feel like work, just something fun to do here and there with no pressure. Everybody can join, you don’t need to be a scripter and whatever. If you are communicative and think you can help bringing this up, you are more than welcome to join.

So, I want you!

Want to join?

You can be an organizer, they do:

  • Organize the events
  • Set up dates for the events
  • Announces them on EroScripts
  • Create the threads
  • Update the threads and adds new entries
  • Announces the winner(s)
  • Bring up ideas for potential prices
  • Actively communicates and works with other organizers, judges and helpers about the events in general and helps improve them and bring them forward to realize them

You can be head of judge, they do:

  • The same as a normal judge plus
  • Organizing the whole rating and judgement system
  • Recruits judges (asking around in the community, makes a thread for that…)
  • Communicates with organizers and let them know their final ratings

You can be a judge, they do:

  • Are working on a system to rate and judge the scripts
  • Rates the entries, means they test the scripts
  • Communicates with other judges

You can be a helper, they do:

  • Doesn’t have responsibility, is more like an observer / feedback giver
  • Gives general tips and advice
  • Gives general ideas
  • Observes if everything is running well
  • Points out if something is going wrong

I am looking forward to you! Thank you for participating.



Thank you for the interest in helping organizing this. So far we are already 7 people. We are still looking for more people, especially people who want to be part of the jury.

Current plan is to launch an event for next month.