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You can say exactly the same about credited performer / studio. Why would anyone care about it if you are there for a quick fap - just put a link to the pornhub, spankbang etc. Pfff, even forget the name of the video, the thumbnail should be enough for someone who “don’t care”.

I think that sorting by scripter can be a great addtion to the site, mostly because every scripter here has their unique style and script certain type of girls. If you like the script or performer, just click on the name and you can quickly find more.

And please cool your attitude down, because you are very disrespectful towards people who spend coutless hours so you can jerk off.


Just want to say thank you for discussing this.

The faptap experience is of course superior to eroscripts (even though I prefer storing my scripts locally and use stashapp) and done right I definitely think it can encourage more scripting. Let’s work together towards that, @chris1337 seems to agree that it is important.

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He may say that with words, but he needs to say that with actions. So far he has not demonstrated anything close to that attitude.
This sort of thing happens time and again. An open community is formed around a skilled/artistic hobby. Most is distributed through a forum. Someone makes a website for the forum. Another party comes along and makes a better website with strong user experience. One of two things happen when that other party comes in.

  1. The community culture is preserved and the transition goes smoothly.
  2. The community culture is not preserved. Content gets moved while upsetting the creators. The creators then either stop creating or start blockading sharing since even their most basic requests aren’t being respected.

Deviantart used crazy scavenger hunts for passwords to unlock zip files. Some others moved to paid access. A lot of creators just moved everything behind paywalls. Patreon and OnlyFans exist in part due to this trend.

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This site is a 10/10 and the owner of the site is very nice and keeps asking for feedback, this is the future.

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I have a good day and so, I will leave some feedback on this project.

  • I don’t like the name, the logo or colors. I know the most developer don’t have great sense for User interfaces (UI) and User experience (UX). The name and logo says nothing or I just don’t get it. Thats not a shame, but get help if you want to go big. The structure of faptap isn’t clear and easy to use. Why there is no navigation? The content grows but needed structure and organisation on the site are still missing.
  • Stop give a fuck about the script creators feelings. Without the script creators, you’re site would be nothing. Do everything they feel respected and included. If they want their names on the site, do it, asap.
  • Don’t make reports incognito, your ass will be spammed to hell. Let user who will report enter their email at least.
  • In a lot of countries a 18+ Question is required. What about data privacy? Maybe include a SFW filter and blur the pictures.
  • I miss 2 main infos on the overview, perfomer name and video publisher. The round images just disturb my view and don’t bring a added value to it.
  • The duration of the video should be placed in a box with low transparent background. I am not able to see the duration every time.
  • Who is interested in views, a rating system is interesting…
  • I like the way you solve the view of actions. No disturbing colors in it and a clear speed icon.

At the end, if you really build something great for the community. Overthink your project. The next step wasn’t a simple player like bukkake.moe or tons of other people already did. The next step is a community site with discussion forum, included shop and your streaming script site / script database. I am go back to work, hf.

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I really hate the direction this thread is going. What @chris1337 (as well as bukkake) is doing is moving the community and ease of entry for interactive toys in a significant direction forward. Streaming and hosted content brings in the mass audience. We saw that happen with the DVD to streaming evolution. Both Eros and streaming platforms have its place. Where Eros brings in the creator and user community forum, whereas, streaming for the wide audience who just want to enjoy their toys.

I understand the anger some scripters have with feeling that they were not asked permission, but they did put it out for public/community use, and chris seems responsive to removing content, and evolving the site to fit the community.

This is a small community and the overall health and success of this niche interest is best served if we can encourage content creation and technology development. Its discouraging to see that we are so critical to a developer who is open and active in changes and improvements. Its new and comes with growing pains, but its is a measurably step forward in terms of hosting.

I hope we can provide constructive feedback. While Chris maintain respect to creator rights if they do wish to have their content excluded.



Why always people are positive about site like these who are totally useless for the community. I have to say that directly, when you are no longer here pirateperv no one will notice. Not from a human level, you are maybe a nice guy, but from the sight of added value to this community. You don’t develope, create script or even give likes or comment. What do you expect, should I take you serious?

I want to point out, that there is also a pure discussion thread about faptap.

@mADsCRIPTS While I have a lot of respect for your passion, not everyone can be hardcore contributors. Your reaction of my feedback is rather toxic. While I am not an elite contributor or a active participant, I do try dabble. A community is a full spectrum. shitting on newbies or content consumers because they don’t matter hurts the overall community.

I may not be as dedicated or advanced, but I have tried to dabble as a contributor. I have a few more scripts, but elitism like this does discourage newbie scripters from sharing their content.


You are no newbie, you are here since April 2021. Nobody were bashed for bad scripts here ever. I gave a bunch of new scriptors feedback to their first scripts. I always motivate in script requests to start scripting and visit the help section every day. So don’t put the bad guy card out here. I just say the truth, even when you don’t have much time, you had enough time to visit nearly 10k posts but only gave 5 likes and wrote 5 comments. NICE JOKE!

Even if it might make me even less popular than I already am:
I think you @mADsCRIPTS have the wrong target for your feelings. :wink: Pirateperv has at least one script online, so he’s effectively contributed to the community. Unlike Chris (Yes, if its not obvious, i dont like Chris). Yes, pirateperv hasn’t given 100k likes, but he’s effectively contributed to the community by posting a script. It doesn’t matter how long he’s there. :wink: I think this has nothing to do with Faptap anymore. [OT off]

Also: I also have a second account on here, Who hasn’t distributed a single Like in his life (admittedly because I no longer know the password and no longer have access to the email), but the registration date doesn’t mean anything in my eyes.

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but that’s kinda the point right? There are contributors and then consumers. Not everyone will use all the community features. a youtube videos will normally 10x-100x more views than likes. I’ll make a point to like and subscribe your post from now on. Ill leave it at that since, this is a conversation is a tangent from the main thread.


thank you for your feedback.

Yes, the name FapTap is not really representative for the website. The initial goal was to create a short, generic and memorable name (TikTok, QQ, TaoBao, etc. - short domain name, easy to memorize). The logo was done in about 5 minutes as I am not a graphic designer. This must be improved, I’m also not happy about it.

Could you please tell me more about that? What navigation do you have in mind? Could you list some examples of sites that you like, if possible? That would really interest me.

FapTap copies some parts from popular social media sites:

  • Performers/studios on top, just like on Instagram
  • Tags on top (below performers/studios), just like on YouTube
  • Endless content feed, infinite scrolling, just like Instagram/TikTok

You are right, currently the content only grows, but there is no “trending” view. The newest videos are just always first. This is obviously not optimal. As stated later on, with then new account feature, a trending tab, that takes views, interactions, etc. into account, should be possible.

To somewhat counter your point about the UX: The idea of FapTap is to mimic the behaviour of TikTok/Instagram, where you can navigate very easily without switching pages. This is especially noticeable when using FapTap on mobile devices. Some similarities:

  • Tags (Performers) with images on top, similar to Instagram
  • Most popular tags below, similar to YouTube and other services
  • Infinite scrolling, similar to Instagram, Reddit, etc.
  • Lots of “screen real estate”. The content is right in front of you and easily accessible.

You are right, I’m a developer and not a graphics designer, but the design hasn’t turned out too bad.

It has now been stated numerous times by creators, that the way FapTap “credits” funscripts is not enough.

I haven’t posted an update for a long time, because I restructured my task list and am now in the process of implementing the accounts feature (should be implemented in a few days to a week). This way, creators wil get full control and credits over their content. For creators that won’t have an account on there, I will probably add their EroScripts username manually (other ideas?). The idea from Husky will also be implemented (dialog when clicking on Funscript).

To report a video, an account will be needed in the future. This will directly notify the script creator, if there is a video/script syncing issue.

About blurring the page when first opening it: I have noticed this a few times now. This, as you said, depends on countries. Most of the sites don’t have this feature, just the very big ones (PornHub, XVideos, …). But yes, it’s a great feature request. I will add it to the backlog, but will inform myself about that topic first.

The names are there, but due to limited space, most of the time, they are cut off. I was experimenting with it, the current version was the compromise.

Noted, thank you.

After the account feature is implemented, it will open a lot of new doors for FapTap. You are right, a rating system is much more important.

A question to you, do you think a “like” function would be sufficient, or rather an “upvote/downvote”? I guess “upvote/downvote” is better. That way, bad scripts would be downranked/removed.

With the upcoming account feature, this should be possible and I will certainly consider it.

A forum, video comments or a possibility to directly message creators, would help foster growth and improve the creator-consumer relationship. I am positive, that users would then interact much more with creators, creating more motivation.

If I missed something, or my answer was not enough, please tell me!


With the account feature, will we able to also embed the fitting video or just upload the script ourselves?

When to comes to the design: If I would make a site a like this, I would probably take YouTube and PornHub as a reference and then take some features from other social media platforms.

Looking forward to the new features, especially the account feature. And nice to see, that you stay so calm besides the often harsh critics you have to face.


I just noticed something:
The comment, which has since been deleted, talked about a faptap discord? Did I just overlook it, or is it intentionally not linked here or on the website to keep critics out?
Just asking.

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You will have full control over the content:

  • Set the embed link (from PornHub, or other supported sites)
  • Set title, tags, etc.
  • Enable/disable the video
  • View statistics (currently only views) on how your video is doing

The sole purpose of the Discord was for troubleshooting the OSR and the Handy. It’s an easy way to communicate without sharing personal details.
This is why it wasn’t publicly advertised anywhere, not even on FapTap itself, except on the connect dialogs.

There isn’t really any activity on there, just some error reports now and then.


Man you really are biased. To the extreme of saying that a guy who created 1 script has contributed more than chris, who gave us an entire and convenient video playing website.

He has also stated several times that he will be making the proper adjustments so creators receive their due credit as soon as possible, yet you keep pressing the issue daily, effectively staining this post which should be all rejoicement around chris’ contribution.


So If i SAY that i will Script all the scriptrequest that are activ atm, does that make me the greatest scripters ever? No! Saying ist Not doing!

He is not the first to have this idea, yet you keep implying he would be the savior. The only thing he has done is taken an idea that another User had, build a website that basicly is a copy of a existing website and post contend that others created without ASKING! I am bejond the problem with giving credit.
He still has not shown any remorse for what he did. He just keeps making arogant comments like

But hey! All hail chris, the one who did nothing wrong! He will save us all! Oh wait, i know that another creator is so pissed about him, that he is thinking about leaving the community. But Hey! Chris did nothing wrong. He has ABSOLUTLY NOTHING he should say sorry for. No!

You are obviously an idiot if you think that. I guess in your world everyone who mod a game or create fanart is a thief.

And most of the links posted by scripters are either to paidsites or to sites like pornhub where you can watch video for free. Usually people like you - regular users or lurkers post links to megas or other sharing platforms :kissing_heart:


Just because you can watch it on ph or some other hosting site doesn’t make it legal. That was the point I was making. People have been stealing porn since the beginning of porn. People copied VHS tapes back in the days before the internet. The internet just made it easier. Then along come ph and hosting sites and now it’s just normal. Just like music and software. Scripts will get passed around whether people like it or not. Give it a year or 2 if sites like faptap take off even paid scripts will start being posted. Not a damn thing anyone can do about it. If people file lawsuits the sites will just move hosting and operations to a country that doesn’t care.

Posting something on a free public forum and then crying about it being used someplace else is just asinine. Again if you don’t want something stolen or used don’t post it on the internet.