Feature to filter search results by video length?

Personally, I’m not interested in anything that’s less than 10 minutes long, so it would be nice to filter out all the ones that are super short. Thanks.

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currently there’s no way to do that. We don’t have consistent data nor a specific field in the database for video length

Maybe faptap has that ability?

Can we please just get tags for <–10m, 10m - 30m and 30–> instead? Please? If tags are limited, surely there are some that are barely used that can be dumped for three that are actually useful and requested?

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I don’t think current tags are a good solution because people can have different standard towards video length. Say we have said tags, but someone favors videos from 5m to 20m. Then this categorization won’t help unless we divides it further down…

Imagine in the end this person searches with #riding #pov #5m #6m #7m #8m #9m #10m #11m #12m #13m #14m #15m #16m #17m #18m #19m #20m

Unless discourse has something tag-like, but for integer input, and a slider filter in search. Then it will be very helpful.

I think you’re over complicating it. NO porn site on the internet works like this. Every site is under 10, 10-20 and 20+…Pornhub being the exception but even then it’s still in 10 min intervals.

3 tags as above will be perfectly fine and acceptable for 98% of our users I’m sure, no need to include odd outliers.

Imo you would be at great risk of missing out on a lot of great scripts if implemented. Quality > Length. I would rather have tag for scripting method. Not a fan of ‘‘on the fly’’ scripting. It would be awesome if you could blacklist a topic once you have checked it out and determined its not or so it doesn’t keep popping up

This is a script site. Script serves not a specific genre of porn.

JAVs are ranked in hours. They’ll always be 30min+.
CGIs are measured in minutes. Very rarely do they exceeds 10min.

Said tags can be added, but they will be pointless for these genres.

…noticed? Tags make better filter for video genres than duration.

also many other complications:

  • every existing script has no length data
  • some topics have multiple videos with different lengths
  • i’d have to check what tag requirements we can impose, but you still have to get people to adhere to guidelines of including length tags

A script site for porn videos…sighs…pedantic or what? So, there’s some exceptions, jesus christ…so that’s a reason not to better organise the site/searching/filter system?

@hugecat How is that any different to people adhering to any other tag? Nearly every post actually does have a script/video length. Sure, those won’t be done unless people add them as they see them and go along, but every post going forward could/would include them.

Whatever guys, dumb suggestion, seems like your both finding excuses and reasons not to do it for the sake of it. Forget I brought it up.

there’s still plenty of room for continued discussion… To leave give up after a few comments of push back will definitely not lead to any change happening.

It will always be in the interest of the community, but only when it’s been properly implemented. Otherwise it will ends in futile effort and a mess to clean up.

There is a feature request posted on Discourse Meta, which might be worth tracking.

Even if such features are available, we need some Python magic that scans for time code in article and adds the tag, in replacement for an admin gulag.

I guess we could add the missing tags over a few weeks / months for older scripts if necessary. There is a bunch of people here who can edit tags.

It can be solved by adding multiple tags to the topic e.g. “<10min” & “10-30min”. We could also add another tag “var. length” for these kind of topics.

This can be easily enforced by people who can edit tags on others posts.

To sum it up I think 5 tags would cover everyone’s taste:

  • <10 min - for quick scripts
  • 10-30 min - for medium lenght scripts
  • 30-60 min - for long scripts but not crazy long
  • 60+ min - for super long scripts
  • various length - for posts with multiple scripts

I will also add that enforcing a name pattern for titles would make this place more user friendly. For example: “Pornstar name - Title - Site” e.g. “Sasha Foxxx - Blowjob POV - Pornhub / Spankbang”. Probably a little too late for it, but with some effort it could be done.

I confirm you can sort by video lenght on FapTap, but not all the script hosted here are published on FapTap.

Maybe this is the solution for video length “problem” if I don’t get it wrong:

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To sum it up I think 5 tags would cover everyone’s taste:

Determining the most helpful buckets is probably the most important thing because it’s going to be as painful to change this as adding it from scratch.
My initial impression is that 10 seems a bit high for the shortest bucket and 30-60 and 60+ seems maybe unnecessary?

If I’m looking at youtube as an example, they allow filtering by

  • Under 4 minutes
  • 4 - 20 minutes
  • Over 20 minutes

I think that having something like <5 would be more appropriate than 10 since there’s a lot of very short vids shared, especially 3d/animated stuff.


  • <5
  • 5-20
  • 20-60
  • 60+ (still feels a little weird to me)

i guess technically someone could figure out a plugin to do custom fields, but that’s seems like a decent amount of dev work and also we’d have to make sure we don’t introduce any bugs that fuck something up

Would it be a good idea to make a poll with few options and see what people find most helpful? Yeah, it feels like 60+ tag is not necessary when I think about it.

Maybe <5, 5-15, 15-30, 30+ ?

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