Video length tags [poll]

This is continuation of the discussion:

Please vote for all options you’d like to see. The poll concludes all suggestions from the topic above:

  • 0-4; 4-20; 20+
  • 0-10; 10-30; 30+
  • 0-5; 5-15; 15-30; 30+
  • 0-2; 2-5; 5-10; 10-20; 20+
  • 0-2; 2-10; 10-30; 30-60; 60+
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I’ve just added one more option, please vote again if you did before.

Man this is pretty close…

Agreed. At first glance, it’s pretty clear that a 0-2 option will win, but it’s really only a couple votes difference. This needs more exposure for sure.

(fwiw I voted 0-2 :stuck_out_tongue:)

i can we isolate the sub 1 min videos, so we can make them feel shame and also still not have to block the 2 minute videos


Sadly at this rate of going I think a single choice poll will have to be done between the top 2 or 3 if there isn’t one that becomes the clear winner…or redo with do a number rating version poll and hide the results till it ends. (unless we leave this poll running for more than a few days then maybe there will be an option with 50% votes)

@IIEleven11 We have been going over the minimum time a bunch in the source topic that is linked to in the first post of this one. This poll is to attempt to just get possibly an agreement to get some tags in place and do a trial run I believe. So best to vote for what is most acceptable rather than abstain and get something you dislike maybe.

oh lol. i mean short videos bother me but not enough to use any thought over. I made a post once about banning them as a joke n people freaked out. kinda funny when i was mostly just trying to joke around. i dont wna cause that again. its not a big enough deal for me to really argue. one can simply just not use the filter, no biggie. all good either way

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I am with you tbh. A ton of scripts are only for short animations or loops, and I hate having to sift through them. It’s nobody’s fault, just an annoyance to me. Sub 2min tag is the closest to my needs from this list, but yeah a sub 1min tag would be better.

With that said, any tags at this point are an improvement.

I think this would be my preferred. 0-1 is in most cases just short looped animations so putting them in one category could be good.

0-1; 1-2; 2-5; 5-10; 10-30; 30-60; 60+

If that is too many, then maybe something like this:

0-1; 1-3; 3-10; 10-30; 30+

Ah nice one option seems to be starting to get out into the lead…maybe it will get to 50% when I wake up.
Goes to bed

Wakes up
What the…they’re equal again??! How many times will this seesaw happen?

I think the poll clearly shows that there is a bunch of people who:

  • want to have extra tags for shorter videos (2-5, 5-10)
  • want to have an extra tag for longer videos (60+)

From here there are a few paths we can take:

  • we can just add the most voted tags from the poll
  • we can create a mix between the two most voted tags options (maybe 0-2; 2-5; 5-10; 10-25; 25-60; 60+ ???)
  • we can do another poll with new options focusing on the most voted tags, but I think it might end with even more similarly distributed results

@hugecat ?

I think that if we have to do another poll then it be done in the number rating method as then people have to rank which option they like the most to the least I believe. As a result then the one the is most acceptable then comes out on top. Since with this one you selecting two options adds just a +1 to those options.

Additionally something that could also be done poll wise but probably isn’t so good since it’d be annoying to setup, is ask a bunch of poll questions such as: What tag duration should be the max 20,30,60 OR Which tag do you think is best for the shortest duration out of the following 0-1,0-2,0-4,0-5,0-10.
Which then probably at that point would need some google form wizardry to have it not be a mega long poll post along with understanding the results well in the background.

honestly we should just use best judgement and pick something to start with
I’m fine with the mix of the popular ones

my only concern is how to make the lengths easy to search for in the tag search dropdown. Maybe some kind of short prefix. Any ideas?

This length system has 3 issues:

  • what if your video is 5:01 with 5 seconds of intro. It can mean you fall under both tags, which can imply quite a diffirence. This tag should be automated on that and rely on some other input.
  • what about threads which involve the same video but in a short/long version (long having some animations looped). Due to tag limits it would be anoying if these need 2 or 3 tags while other videos only need 1
  • If not mandatory its often useless as a lot of videos will not end up having such tag

I think it would be better if the tag has a rough video length instead (idealy with a length field provided somewhere so it can be an automated tag). These rough lengths can then be tags like:
(to which the nearest length is then picked so a 10min video would get 12 while a 9:59 video gets 8).

However, since its an approximation, we could use the ~ character as prefix. It being a quite unique character should on that help finding all length tags. If it works. Otherwise it might have to be something more ugly like len_ or _len
I think all these tags are at least well readable:

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  1. 5:01 falls under 5-10 tag, with lengths of 5:00, 10:00 etc. I would just round it down so 5:00 is still 2-5 minutes.
  2. I had an idea of another “variable” length tag or just “var.” in short, but I would just always go with a tag for the original, non-looped, non-cut video - it’s just makes the most sense to me.
  3. The same goes for any tag on the site. Sure, there will be cases where videos are wrongly tagged or not tagged at all, but there is bunch of people here who can edit the tags.
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The problem is that 2-5 implies an average of 3.5 and 5-10 7.5, thats a gap almost as big as the video itself already is (4mins).
DIstribution of these numbers needs to avoid such issues.

And sure, 1-2,2-4,4-7,7-10, could work to make the gap issue less of a problem. But it still means that someone who has 4mins might feel like he needs to choose the group.

So maybe: 1-2,3-5,6-10 would be better as a tag. the 1min gap between each tag isnt realy there since this just relies on the first displayed number (5:59 means its a 5 and not a 6).

DIstribution should other than that be similar to the Fibonacci sequence to avoid too big groups of times to which the shortest and longest video differ massively.

I feel like this is talking about personal preferences rather that sorting out possible big glaring problems with the system as this poll was just to get the most popular set of suggested tags found out and then test ran. Which all that @hugecat needed was just thoughts/ideas about making them easy to search for, which I personally feel that just having it be length or the tags themselves (as numbers are put to the top of the tag list I believe) make them easy to add/search for.

Your first post with saying about the system being automated I disagree on since that adds in more work on the back-end side as it would need to find the length in the first post. (people have messed up with including that if they don’t put it in the wrong section although I believe it’s a mandatory detail) But also then even more so if having as you said short/long versions or even it being a collection of scripts.(which I feel having a tag such as mini/mega-pack would fulfill if not just a collection tag)
I see the tags being used probably little to begin with as a result of simply people not knowing they exist and also struggling to have it fit with the small tag limit that exists. (which is something I wish was much bigger and question why it is so small)

Honestly there is no perfect tag length system which is why an variable searching one would be better however impossible for this site due to it’s back-end I believe. So this is the closest and probably the best we can get, how popular, used, useful it can be along with refinement of the tags requires time and testing, which testing and talking about tag refinement can be done at the same time.

I honestly say lets give it test run with the results obtained, were just gonna keep going in circles at this point.


Yeah, give it a chance or the discussion will end up like the last time and we will wait 1,5 years for the follow-up.

I think it will be nice to add this extra 60+ min tag as both options got the same amount of votes.

I’m not sure what characters can be used in tags but maybe: “len 2-5”, “len 60+” could work, it’s short and simple.

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last question: length tag required or no?