Feature to filter search results by video length?

I believe since talks stopped occurring here it hasn’t been worked on as I think there wasn’t enough agreement or support for it to be done. I’m still for it as it would be useful for myself since sometimes I’ve been wanting to find only minute long videos or less and only have the preview image being portrait or landscape as a half sign if it might be that.

Hint hint post replies and such saying your for it might get the ball rolling, I can’t talk back and forth between myself since then I’m just bumping the topic.


I think everyone is on the right track.

Booru styled tags
examples can be found on: rule34.xxx,danbooru,
could be beneficial such as

Clips => 2 min
Short video 2-5 min
Long video 5 -10
Show length 10 -20
Feature film 20+

Which is how I personally keep my folders, so im biased

Tag Voting

If tag voting was a thing where enough ppl have to say that this script has a tag then it increases the “strength” of the tag. something ive seen implemented on a good many sites

Tag Merge

also if there was a merge for similar tags every once in a while it could help with redundancies and mis-spellings that would be a boon.
such as creampie == Cum inside, crempie, ejaculate inside, vaginal creampie)
(The stash app has the similar tag merge feature and its very nice.)

I believe this would make it much easier to filter and sort here. although im sure implementation would be more difficult than concept creation

@hugecat @moderators maybe it’s worth to discuss this topic again?

Personally, I think it’s a great idea, but looks hard to implement for the existing topics.

tag merging is an existing feature, it’s just a manual process and idk if any of the mods are looking to manage that rn

tag voting is not a feature

if you guys can agree on some nice short tags we could add then, but idk if it makes sense to require

Tag voting I feel is just something we can already do by simply making a site feedback thread and have a “like” requirement for the proposed tag to get further examined to be added.

I presume the short tags your referring to are the ones to put on videos that are for videos below the 10 minute mark?
I personally would find having video length tags to be useful as when searching I have an idea already as to the length I’m up for looking at for said search. I liked @Husky’s last suggestion of 5, 5-15, 15-30, 30+ although I think it requires one for 0-1.

Tags can be created easily but one should consider how to update all existing content to tag them accordingly. Probably need some web scraping scripts that detects the duration suggested in the topic.

Enforcing a durational tag also means -1 slot for other descriptive tags. The limit should be increased to 7 imo.

My main issue with video length tags is that the standard varies for different content and people. As I mentioned above - animations are measured in minutes whilst JAVs can be ranked in hours. Maviarab suggested 0-10 minute as the minimum, Husky suggested 0-5, Ratattack suggested 0-1.

Another thing to consider is - should these tags are in place, how practical will they affect daily browsing and how convinient will they be to use? Because Discourse’s search feature is super clunky, and I felt like a lot of the tags will just end up in people’s mute list (which still shows up in search unless specified otherwise).

If by any chance we can set integer to tags and filter it with a slider (like an actual video site), that would be helpful 100%. But this is Discourse where features are plain and plugins are pain to maintain.

I wouldn’t want nor expect the duration tag to be applied retroactively due to the workload it would require…nor would I want it to be mandatory really since the tag limit is quite small in my view as well.

The reason why I think we’re so divided on the minimum length though is due to more so how flexible we are on the length of videos we normally watch. As in the past prior to having a Handy I was never touching any cock/fap hero less than 30 minutes but afterwards I would though still not touching anything less than 10-15 minutes…Now with the SR6 I’ve been constantly going to the HMV/PMV length videos which usually are 3 ish-6 mins in length at times. Sometimes I’ve looked at shorter loops but I don’t think muiltifunplayer is the right application for them since there’s a second or two before the SR6 stops and starts again from the end of the loop I’ve found so far while Handy didn’t.

I also agree that Discourse’s search and in my mind by extension notification filter systems are super clunky since categories/tags I’ve muted come through due to one tag I have in my “Watching First Post” section.

Resulting in this occurring once in a while

So yep having a slider or something to have it be more strict would be useful as I would have thought that muted filters went before my watched filters did.

I agree with whatever this turns out to be in the end. Tired of having my hopes of a quality script crushed by it being a <1min script.

Yes… watch has priority over “mute”. My recommendation is to not watch anything but instead use the sidebar feature to keep track of your favorite content.

What I meant in my last reply though, is that I don’t think tags like #5-10min or #10-20min will ended up being used much due to the clunkiness of the search feature. Most likely #0-5min will be the most popular - people who dislikes short scripts will happily put it after -tags: in their search query or throw it in their mute list and call it a day. I bet most people asked for durational tags just for this purpose, but in practice that likely won’t stop them from seeing short scripts anytime soon.

Yeah this has been the only place that has the priority setup like that (that I’ve found so far)…setting up the sidebar I haven’t attempted but I get the feeling it won’t give me the same results as I let my notifications pile up to dig through once in a while not even getting to the end of them. Just dig till I find something that takes interest or go to paid if I have less time.

Ah I agree that duration tags inbetween 5-25 min mark probably won’t get as much attention as the 0-5 range or 25+ since well it’s also the space where not many HMV/PMV nor Cock/Fap hero’s enter while not feeling that they went too long or didn’t have enough time to flesh them out more so. E.g. [HMV] Mantis-X - YoiYoi Kokon had the song extended out by an extra minute or two via looping one bit around and around.
I couldn’t find an good example of going too short for fap/cock hero since I keep those folders regulated hard and haven’t searched for a while for them, however a majority of what I have is usually around the 30 min mark and feels well paced to me. As there’s been fap/cock heroes where it goes hardcore on the last round when it was very light softcore on everything prior and it’s advertising as having good hardcore in it.
So for myself I plan to use all the duration’s though would be having the loop lengths and that odd in between duration muted until the time came where I wanted a peek. But also sometimes specifically using just one duration to search for a new long burner script or something to loop around in VAM while a scene plays out or that in between spot where MHBHJ’s and good pornhub videos appear.