Figured out how to connect Handy to DeoVR after stupid update!

I’m sure many of you have encountered the issue where on DeoVR no longer allows you to connect to Handy for local videos without a subscription.

Something about DLNA no longer supported etc. etc.

I FINALLY FIXED IT. I’m giving a very rough summary because the video linked below is super easy to follow.

  1. Download DownQuest chrome plugin
  2. Go to Oculus website, login, search for DeoVR, you will see option to download downgraded version APK.
  3. Install Sidequest and SDK platform tools
  4. Navigate to SDK folder from terminal
  5. install the downgraded APK through terminal.

All steps outlined in this short video How to Downgrade Quest Games - YouTube

Notes: Must have uninstalled DeoVR from Oculus first or you will encounter a install downgrade version failure error.

If you encounter a “error: more than one device and emulator,”
1.Run this code in terminal “adb devices”
2. “adb -s [device name] install [APK filepath]”
info found here android - How to use ADB Shell when Multiple Devices are connected? Fails with "error: more than one device and emulator" - Stack Overflow



Why so much work instead of just buying a single script on SLR to make it work unlimited?

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Hmm…I’ve even bought 2 scripts on there. It won’t let me connect unless I have premium. I felt like I’ve tested every possible option and it has only worked once I’ve resubscribed to premium.

I’m now able to view DeoVR without buying any scripts or purchasing premium

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Hi Caliber,

Which device are you using? Some of the older devices stopped being supported by Oculus and so they stopped supporting them at SLR. My Go still worked for handy but I got a discounted sub a few months ago so cnt test if this is still the case.

Would be best to message your user ID to team. If you are using Quest or any Win device you should be all good with a single script. Haven’t heard we have any issues like that

I am using quest 2.
I went to sexlikereal website on browser, loaded $5, then went to the website on DeoVR, logged in, bought a script, then tried to connect.

Tried this twice and It still says I need a premium subscription in order to connect interactive devices.

Idk…I searched everywhere on the web and haven’t found a single solution that worked for me expect this one. Seems like multiple people are experiencing the same issue as me.

You could see it the other way around, why put a limitation that just requires buying one single script from using it? I think the PR-loss and the fact that people start looking for options, i.e. leaving your platform, is much more costly than the gain in a case like this. I respect that you’ve done a business decision regarding this, but in hindsight it might have been the wrong decision based on what I’ve read in several forum threads here this year.


What are you talking about? It doesn’t even make sense

It makes sense, a lot of sense! Forcing you to buy one feature just to use another feature, or even a subscription to use something which is NOT provided by the platform itself, makes rather no sense.

Just don’t use it. That’s it. Find yourself another one.

Slr users have no issue whatsoever. Those are the only ones we care about. Freeloaders can go elsewhere

Good info @Caliber

Even though I am subbed I just tried it out of curiosity when logged off and it worked. Could be useful in the future.

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By ‘Freeloaders’ are you referring to people who paid full price for a product, only to have one of the features of said product be removed due to an update, and now have to pay an additional cost to access said feature?
If the company had said from the outset such a feature would not be accessible to users who didn’t pay additional fees, I am certain there would be no problem - they would, as you say, ‘find themselves another one’.
Edit: I had forgotten that DeoVR is free and always has been. I must have been confused, ignore me!

Wait, you paid for what?

@Caliber Thanks for taking the time to figure this out and share it with us. :+1:

DeoVR - the program used to offer Handy scripting support natively. After a recent ‘update’, they removed that feature except for SLR customers. Whether or not they wish to have scripting support natively is for them to decide, but to remove a feature that was explicitly included with the original program is pretty shady to me (and many others).
Edit: I had forgotten that DeoVR is free and always has been. I must have been confused, ignore me!

Why are you lying you paid for deo? Do was always free. You paid nothing, now you make shit up why everything else should be free.

Know some respect

Oops! I must have been confused. I have edited my original comments to reflect this.

My bad!

As someone who used to have Oculus Go I don’t agree. I was forced to upgrade to Quest 2 even though all your videos and scripts worked fine in the past. You could at least leave the old version of the app for GearVR / Go customers. I still think there is a big market for them, but they can’t use your service anymore.


That’s not us who decide. The Go was deprecated by Oculus. It worked while it worked. You guys have to know those things before blaming us.

Thx for acknowledging. All good.
I’m just sick with all the attacks coming from you guys for no reason. I’d wish we can find a sane way to go through those hurdles.