Flash Game - Mew - Bea Time

:information_source: Details

Using the nice flash tool created by notSafeforDev (can be found here). this maps a funscript to each games’ animations.

Made for theHandy

:memo: Install Instructions

:exclamation: Created using this version of the tool, it does NOT work with previous versions :exclamation:

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the Flash Toy Sync tool .zip from notSafeforDev’s repo, preferably the latest version.
  2. Download the game and json from the mega folder below.
  3. Place matching json and game files in the animations-as3 folder. It should look like this as an example (but in the as3 folder):

    Ensure that the game.swf and game.json files are not in a subfolder/subdirectory
  4. Run Flash-toy-sync-as3.exe and select the game.swf in question
  5. Ensure that your Handy is in Wifi mode and that the connection key is entered into the program

:file_folder: Script

Folder contains the game, the associated json.

:memo: Notes



The speed issue have been fixed in the latest beta release.

I fixed the other speeds (just change the file extension from txt to json):
Bea Time.txt (156.1 KB)

The only scenes I didn’t fix were for the blowjob, as I’m not sure if you scripted it that way intentionally, or if there’s an issue with that scene. I may also have missed a scene.


Thats great, I’ve updated the post with the correct tool version as well as adding your changes + the blowjob scene speeds.

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