Fleshlight Launch versus Kiiroo Keon

I wanted to post a review perhaps to help anyone who is considering a Keon from Kiiroo.

First off I have only used the Keon once, so will update once its I’ve given it a few more tries.

The Launch has been fantastic, does exactly what you expect and on most occasions without issue. However I have had a few faults with the hardware, the first two were easily remedied but the third failure has meant I have had to look for something new.

I bought the Keon expecting it to fit the Fleshlight sleeves but it doesn’t, you have to buy one of Kiiroo’s and these things are tiny. I am not huge but do have some girth and only just fit in the Kiiroo sleeve.

I have just given the Keon a go and had to give up and try something else, seems to be far less power and movement when compared to the Launch. So as I write this, I would urge anyone considering a purchase to hold off.

I am going to give it another go and will report back.

The build quality is far superior to the Launch and it is smaller but this may also be its failure, perhaps smaller has meant less power. The Kiiroo sleeves are also tiny in comparison to Fleshlight and with my dumb eye do not look as pleasant or realistic

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Does it make less noise than the Launch?

Yes it is quieter than the Launch

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I’m using fleshlight sleeves in my keon with no problems.


Both work great with SLR Interactive scripts. I don’t think FL Launch is available for purchase anywhere though. VR brings the whole thing to the next level. All you need is a decent headset What’s the best headset for VR porn?

Also we will be meeting with Kiiroo soon Meeting with Kiiroo soon

Let me know if there’s anything to check with them

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Yes the Launch was discontinued last year hence why I looked towards the Keon.

Main issues I have are that it does not have the speed and movement of the Launch.

The Launch worked perfectly with SLR scripts and others but the Keon does not, the strokes reverse because its not quick enough to complete a full stroke. At least that’s how I feel. Frankly I regret buying the Keon.

Which script player are you using your Keon with @Peebody ?

Keon fits all fleshlights pretty much natively - including bigger ones Ive tried like Turbo thrust (The stock sleeve it comes with is much smaller and lacking though thats for sure)

Keon is definitely faster than the Launch, I definitely recommend try using it a few more times, especially using it with SLR Interactive for best playback algorithm which @raser1 employed there if you havent yet


I use a Quest 2 and DEOVR and the SLR app on my S21 phone.
I’ve run it side by side with the launch, it seems noticeably slower to me.

I have squeezed a Fleshlight sleeve into the Keon sleeve holder, obviously the Fleshlights are bigger so I assume this is what you guys are talking about.

The quality of build is far better on the Keon, the Launch feels cheap and nasty in comparison. Its just the function of the Launch that I prefer. Range of movement and Speed suit the scripts far better.

Thats good you are using SLR Interactive - I would recommend ditching the stock sleeve, and inserting one of your fleshlight sleeves (looser ones are better) lubed up and in real use instead to see if you find it performing better that way
The Keon handles faster action actually much better than the launch (The Launch handles slower actions better in comparison, but has a ton of other issues/bugs as well)

I would definitely recommend the Keon, short of going up to something that is basically custom built (and orders of magnitude more expensive) it is the best of it’s type on the market. The main competitor is the Handy, which is a slightly different niche.
A few things imo worth noting:

  • Fleshlight sleeves fit into the case, but the sides of the Fleshlight around the entrance can end up contacting the walls of the main unit while it is moving. This seems to vary for specific sleeves (some have more material around the orifice) and if you have more girth the entrance displaces more. This can cause wear around the edge of the sleeve and you end up with a rubbery residue on the Keon itself. This is entirely superficial but did cause me concern for quite a while until I worked out it was happening.
  • Quieter than the Launch != silent. This was a major selling point for me, but I can still very easily hear the Keon with headphones which I still get frustrated about. Mostly a case of managing your expectations.
  • The only issues I had with scripts have been with the scripts themselves. There is significant variation in quality and not all scripts are made specifically for the Keon (they usually work, just not perfectly smooth). If your issue is the script is inverted then there are multiple ways to fix that (most players seem to have an invert function built in).

hey guys, the battery life time was an issue for me on the keon.

but i modded mine now to plug into the wall - if you guys are intrested i would make a “tutorial” with pictures of the build how i did it and with links to items u gonna need to order. but i will this work only if there is some intrest


Keon is awesome with full size Fleshlights. Regarding the residue left on the interior from the Fleshlight rubbing against it, the issue is only cosmetic but I found it comes right off by putting some packing tape on the area with residue and peeling it off — the stuff comes right off with the tape.

The Fleshlight sleeves are the way to go. The Kiiroo sleeves are absolutely dreadful, not traction.

The range of motion with the Launch is better in my opinion.

I have managed to repair the launch so given up on the Keon, even with the Fleshlight sleeves, it wasn’t ‘doing the job’

I hope you’re still around, because I absolutely 100% have interest in this. I want to buy a Keon and do the exact same thing!

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also interested in curing future cases of blue balls, please make!

yeah iam still around. i will make a thread maybe next week with pictures - component list and everything. it works great. i modded mine 4 month ago.

//edit i already get it done Modding kiiro Keon to work with power supply socket instead of Battery


I just modded mine last night. My ac adapter had gold and white wires though. Did a quick diy youtube solder tutorial. Soldered white and red wires together and black and gold. Used a generous amount of solder and then wrapped both separate connections with electric tape. Drilled hole in plastic outer casing casing to fit wires through and boom. Unlimited power!!!

The device is very light to compared to the launch. The neckstrap I purchased separately and WOW… I never had a big smile on my face…