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Follow specific users/tags

Sorry if there is a way to do this that I’m not already aware of, but I’d love to get an email notif or something when specific people post scripts. I don’t like most fast scripts and prefer edging ones, so I’ve really enjoyed scripts done by Teasey. I like browsing through scripts, but I’d also like to just get a ping when a certain person makes a post or when a certain tag is posted because I’m not on this site too much.

Thanks everyone who works on this site :slight_smile:

if you go to your user preferences, there’s a page for Notification tags. You can add tags there to automatically be watched.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do the same for users. It looks like you can subscribe to an RSS feed for a user though. For example

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Check out my stuff :+1:

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Thanks for the help man :slight_smile: