Generate Sinus wave with OFS

How can i generate a sinus wave automatically between a given start time and end time of a video ?

You cant.

The problem is that scripts are not designed like that, and while some smoothing can be done (and there are scripts for this), this same smoothing can also cause stuttering. The simple reason is that between each node the line is always linear. OFS can render this as a curve, but thats generaly just a visual representation of how it would be experienced by the user.

Maybe My Tools can help. Use the add actions feature to insert bunch of points throughout the span of the video, then use the function feature to make a sine-ish wave.

How many points you want in the wave would depend on what device you are using. For most Bluetooth device out there a triangular wave with top and bottom points only works the best.

If all you are looking for is to have some strokes during playback and doesn’t require anything specific to the video, there are easier options for you.

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