Going to try to start on my first script

I’m thinking of working on a Miss Banana video. “Swedish Girl Sucks Big Cock” going to try and start as soon as possible. Soon as I kind of read up again on how to use JFS


I look forward to it

I’d suggest OpenFunScripter if you don’t know how to use either - I found it much more intuitive to use in comparison. Check out the tutorial video that Husky recently posted!

Probably makes an equally great script too right? But why are there two different things? Are they both great? One better?

Each have their upsides and downsides. They work very similar. I prefer JoyFunScripter but used OpenFunScripter a few times. Check em both out and play around with it. Try different functions out and decide which ones for you!
OpenFunScripter has a much smoother video player if that matters to ya

What do you like better about JFS?

JFS frame by frame is closer to the video than OFS to me, Everytime i do a script in OFS i have to edit it in JFS to make the timing better. JFS has a smoothing feature which is really nice when using a gamepad/joystick for on the fly recording. Just did a script in OFS that i entirely scrapped because i didnt feel like the actual playing of the script matched the video anymore while using the Handy. These are my experiences and feelings on it, Others are getting some serious results using it so id take everything with a grain of salt. Try em both out! its free after all.

what is the difference in all the different file downloads. I think 7z is zip and I have no idea what heads master is

I’ve scripted several full length VR videos in both JFS and OFS and I have no issues with accuracy regardless of if I create the script in OFS and look at it in JFS or vice versa.

@Chrislongman93 I would focus on features, usability, personal preferences and license agreement first if I was you. In the end it is mostly a matter of taste unless there is some specific feature you need. Both are good and have their strengths and weaknesses.

One other thing is that OFS is actively developed while JFS is not, or at least no new JFS versions reach the public. I assume that only scripters associated with RealSync get access to newer versions. So if you miss a feature there is a rather good chance that it can be added to OFS. Many OFS features have been added as a result of user requests.

If you are talking about OFS downloads the .exe is a Windows installer.
7z is kind of a zip-format created by the open source zip-utility called 7-zip (https://www.7-zip.org/). It is completely free to download and use. Snap is for Linux I think.

So for a first time OFS user, download the .exe. More details about installing OFS can be found in a 2 min video tutorial. You also have a second video showing the basics of scripting in OFS, but it can probably be easily adapted for JFS as well.

I also want to recommend OFS over JFS. While JFS is great, OFS gets actively developed, while JFS not. There are always new versions with improvements and new features. OFS has way more features than JFS. You can even go to the OFS thread here and talk directly to gagax123 and suggest stuff and he might add it, if possible. Once you get used to OFS, you won’t go back. You will miss the better ui and the additional features.

Just for the undo function OFS is better. I can’t recall how much work I lost at the beginning when I accidentaly didn’t deselect part of the script and hit delete in JFS.

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JoyFunScripter was originally developed by me in 2018 and released on RealTouchScripts. I based my initial ideas on the Blender funscripting plugin by Funjack which was the main scripting tool at that time.

I tried to make regular frame by frame scripting faster and easier, but also invented many new scripting methods like ‘on the fly’ and ‘dynamic point injection’ which revolutionized the way we script today.

From what I can see OFS started development Sept. 2020 and has copied the core ideas of the last free JFS version.

JFS is still under development, but unfortunately there will be no public releases for the time being.

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I actually am working on a reverse cowgirl video from Nofacegirl. I’m understanding that blowjob videos are more difficult from what I read.