Handsfree cups

hello , i’m selling handsfree cups for the handy 3D printed off course
i’m asking 20€ excl. shipping (shipping cost will depend where to send it to)
it comes with 2 M6 nuts and 1 M6 screw included .
i can print in a variety of colors :: Black , Green , Yellow , Orange , Blue , White , Transparant , Red , Silver and Grey
duration to make one is aprox. 6Hours .
If you buy 3 or more you get 20% discount.
pm me for more info .
pics are from my own personal handy cup

Hi, do you still sell it? Can you send it to France? How many to get it?

i stopped making these because it wasn’t worth the time since handy is selling these for 37 € (not including the 13 € shipping)

Ok, these prices for all accessories around handy are definitly too high that why i try to find some ways to save. Thanks for answering anyway.

yeah and i found better ways to mount a handy while laying down :slight_smile:

Good for you, i just bought a Stanley clamp maybe i will not need a handsfree cup.

just buy yourself a bike bottle holder and attach it onto a piece of wooden board :wink:

I was thinking about it but i think Stanley IS even easier

Hi, maybe you Can advice me a good bottle holder, i am affraid to buy a wrong one.

i use this one

It looks perfect, thanks for thé advice

Unfortunatly too expensive on eBay cos of the sending fee around 80 dollars. And i dont find it elsewhere.
Thanks a lot anyway, you are very kind.

I’m using this one with a bit of bubble wrap to make it extra snug:


Something like this will make it easy to mount:


Nice advices thanks.

I’m glad you stopped as its also copyright infringment right? As it would be making commercial gain etc. But glad you explained the math of cost and realise its not worth it and better for folks to buy the legit abs plastic piece from handy.

yeah but the original is more crap than my 3D printed cups :smiley:
the original cup is made of ABS and is more likely to break than the pla+ i use

I have printed 4 cups from PLA so far because they keep breaking. How have you reinforced them to be stronger than ABS?

make sure the infill is 25% not any higher because it needs to be flexible for the retaining of the handy with the bolt and nut

Yes its not great but its being improved with stronger material and if a washer is used to spread the tension from tightening, its fine.

Sometimes the first iterations are not the best but a good start.

Pla+ … won’t that warp during print or over time from heat or from moisture absorbtion. Petg could be better perhaps for this.

with pla+ if your bed has the perfect temperature the print will not warp , PETG is way more expensive + more time in printing 1 item because not every printer can print PETG ( also PETG is Outdoor use , PLA+ is indoor use )