Handy connect to Initface

I can’t figure out how to get my handy to connect to Initface. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I go to devices, then scan for device. Nothing happens. It is not finding my handy.

It all works for my other toys. I know initface works with handy because I see discussions about it. But how do I get initface to recognize my handy? Is there some protocal and port settings that need to be set up? It just won’t see the handy. And yes, I got a key for the handy and it works on the handyfeeling website.

Help is much appreciated.

Connecting the handy to intiface?

Try some of the steps in this post, also be sure to use the search bar next time if someone else asked the same question you can probably find the answer there as well :+1:

I looked through other posts. My problem is the handy does not show up in the list as it should. I followed the other posts, but when it gets to seeing the handy in the list of devices… it never happens.

Well, I found the issue. I didn’t hold the button down long enough to switch the connection to Bluetooth. Now it shows up. Thanks for the help.

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