Handy Issue inverted operation

Hi, Has anyone else experienced their Handy working in reverse with their own video library? When the Handy is synched to the video it operates backwards meaning it goes up when it should go down and visa versa. Before anyone asks; yes it is mounted the right way up! It worked before the website change and software upgrade.
Help required please!!

Handy site still redirects to the realtouchscripts forum that’s not even avaliable :roll_eyes:

Have you tried using scripts with HandyControl or Scriptplayer? Or if you want something browser based there is also https://funscript.io/

Thanks Husky but this is one of their partners who provide free videos and scripts https://www.connectmyhandy.com/ accessible through their site as Handy Partners: Discover /Video Service /Handy Partners /Connect My Handy

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