Handy or sex toy for women that works with funscripts?

Hey everyone. I wanted to know if there are sex toys for women that can use funscripts?

I’m trying to find something to work with a funscript for the cursed prince. I don’t know if the handy has an attachment or if there is something better for it, to do that, as I use a handy for myself, but need something for my gal pal.

You can strap a dildo to it and invert the script. It’s a pretty easy task.
Some people have even written dildo scripts.

you can try buttplug.io too. They have a index of supported toys here IoST Index. Though most things here on eroscripts are optimized for the handy’s speed.

Handy says not to use other toys or things with it, since it may break it. Unless they make some kind of official attachment. But is there nothing that can go in and out at the sync of a funscript?

And how do you inverse a script? :thinking:

Which ones by chance work closest to handy scripts or move like one?

There are dildo adapters for the Handy though I don’t know if one Handy provides sufficient torque. See These topics by @dimnogro

Also try to filter with “Target Anatomy” on IoSTIndex.

There is also this vac-u-lock attachment for the OSR2 and this video of it is by soritesparadox:

There are also some solid open source fuck machines if you are okay with DIY:

Depends on device and software used to control it.

The handy if provided a too fast script and using a program that doesnt limit it, will cause it to error out (for example the full stroke descent2 script goes above 1000u/s for several seconds which the handy cant even remotely reach).

This desync issue can happen faster with heavier sleeves as motion gets restricted more. But its almost certain to work as long as you dont give it an excessively heavy sleeve.

A dildo will face those same weight restrictions. But should otherwise work fine.

Its realy that easy :slight_smile: (dont know if the new version changes the buttons, couldnt bother updating it)