Handy sleeve alternatives

Above average/big guy here. I’ve replaced the original strap with this so every sleeve stays in place: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Trilancer-Fasteners-Organising-Extension-Workshop/dp/B097BG9Q9F

The stock sleeve is kinda short but nice and stretchy. No problems with lube or anything. Cleanup is no problem either. Atm this is my favorite sleeve.

The quickshot is too soft, dries up very quickly and the plastic holder is too tight. It’s also very messy.

Fleshlight STU is too heavy and hard to mount. I’m afraid I’ll break the handy using this thing. Besides I only really like the penetration part of the STU. Cleaning this thing is a nightmare with the toycleaner and healing powder. The fleshlight toycleaner is so toxic my lungs hurt when I accidentally inhale that stuff.

Tenga spinner shell is too tight to keep the lube in place and keep spinning while strapped in. The spinner stays in place fine. I can imagine this would be amazing with a smaller size dick.

Zero Tolerance Riley Reid realistic stroker is pretty good if you poke a hole in the end with a finger and insert there. Hang it upside down in the strap so all the fine textures are stroking the head.

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I’ve considered printing molds and using casted silicone to create custom sleeves.
I guess, let me know if you’re interested.

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Haha wow I’ve only just seen this, and we have a lot in common! I too have similar physical attributes, and discovered that this sleeve is the best thing for me, and when my first one eventually fell apart I was quite gutted as I’m in the UK and the euro place I bought my first one from had sold out. I found a similar one from the same company (ToysHeart), a MILF one, which was fine but had these really overstimulating ridges that I eventually just cut out. Eventually I just ordered 5 more of the Okazakin-Chan from otona.jp (I was nervous as some sites had it listed as discontinued) and a bj toy from the same range. Nothing else is anywhere near as good imo.

I couldn’t believe that such a cheap toy would be so perfect for me. I’m in the process of building an SR6 (The Handy is the only other automated device I’ve used) and hoping that there’s a way to use this toy with it easily enough: I’ve seen onahole adapters but not sure they’ll work on such a slight toy.

I have recently bought the Nicole Aniston fleshlight to use with the SR6 and I did discover that it’s more comfortable than the Christy Mack one I bought last year, and definitely vastly more viable than the Lisa Ann one I bought on offer - I could barely get a finger in that, and I’m thinking of maybe cutting it a bit larger at some point.

But yes, I 100% back your endorsement of this toy, it’s just great.

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I just bought those straps you linked here can you show how you connect and use them. The velcro isnt on the right side to attach and has that plastic bracket to feed through

I think…I am still trying to narrow it down, allergic to some commercial sleeves. I get some respiratory side effects (sometimes).

I have considered creating my own sleeve. I tried ecoflex 00-10 and the results were nowhere near sleeve like, even though it is the recommended durometer. I am not asking you to give up your business secrets, but do you have any tips, or advice on diy’ing your own sleeve?

If you opened up shop for some kind of custom sleeves, I’d be interested.

They aren’t really secrets. Curing silicone or any other polymer isn’t typically as easy as mix, pour, wait. A pretty big step most people skip is degassing. Not many just have a vacuum pump lying around available to do that. Maintaining a consistent even temperature at the optimal range for the polymer is another one.
Another thing worth mentioning is that 00-10 is really soft. It’s recommended for DIY sleeves perhaps (I’m not an expert by any means) because it would be hard to overdo the mixture.

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I am in the minority of people who enjoy the original handy truegrip sleeve. Suction is nice as it’s closed. I’ve repurposed an old one, and cut off the top after the beads end, and it is my favorite open hole sleeve. The runner up would be quickshot vantage. I will be getting the other quickshot versions to test.

Also, I’d love to hear any future reviews on the new handy mermaid open sleeve.

I cut off a bit of the stitched tip so it can fit more easily through both of the plastic brackets and give it a wider range of tightness. After that it’s just like the pictures on the amazon page.

I got the tenga brick soft edition and it is AMAZING!!! Even very small movements create a wonderful rotational milking sensation. Much much better than stock handy sleeve. I use the sock - velcro technique to keep it in the strap and it works great. Basically I’m following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/theHandy/comments/r6hlnm/handsfree_for_less_than_30_upgraded_strap_and/

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Do you only use the sock - velcro part? or do you use the full handsfree setup from the guide ??
By your comment i assume you highly recommend it?
Cause i´m using my own type of handsfree method but i use tenga spinners just with the stock strap and i was intrigued with the sock-velcro mount part of that guide and i am thinking about adding the sock mounting method for my setup for more sleeve stability :smiley:

My go to lately has been Moshinaka. Just get all the air out. It is an intense sleeve.


I use the full handsfree setup and it is awesome. Previously I used the tablet holder like the author of that post, but strapping it to your body is way better. I’ve never tried the tenga with the default strap, but I’m fairly certain it will be better with the sock and extra velcro. It will allow you to use a looser grip since you’re not just relying on friction to keep the sleeve in place. Nothing worse than the sleeve slipping out right when the beat is speeding up to get you “there.”

So which sleeves is the best as real and calm BJ like a tongue?
Also which one is the most intense on orgasm?

I am pretty sensitive I guess, prefer the really slow scripts to be able to last. Medium size and use the simplest form of hands free, lying down with a folded sheet over the Handy. Original strap.

Tried three sleeves (Truegrip original and gen 2, Lotus). My favorites are:

  1. Original Truegrip inside out - Subtle stimulation with the little ridge, suction and the perfect fit for me. I think the feeling is pretty close to a real BJ. I can last for long with a nice and slow script and get really intense orgasms.
  2. Truegrip gen 2 inside out - Also good but the texture is less enjoyable compared to the original, bigger than it has to be for me.
  3. Lotus - Tight feeling but too tight - the Handy struggles with it so I can’t feel the nuances of a nice and slow script. Works better for more intense scripts.
  4. Truegrip gen 2 regular way - Better (more subtle) stimulation than the original but still too much texture to be really good.
  5. Original Truegrip regular way

Thinking about getting a quickshot next, or maybe try the Mermaid pearl but I’m afraid it will be too intense.

I’m with you on the sensitivity. I prefer the quick shots over the handy sleeves, simply because the case makes loading and unloading a lot easier. Plus I just feel the material feels better. This has been my go-to lately, I used a pair of scissors to remove some of the nubs to cut down on the intensity. The pulse is another good one for cutting down on the intensity as well. The pulse has three rings inside and no nubs, I removed rings one and three.

The Mia is great because the butt orifice is a small opening, and you get a nice little suction on the upstroke. :+1:

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My go to Automatic every time setup is

This Strap (9 or 12, I use 12 because)

I use

This Sleeve (no case)

I know everyone swears by the vantage and theyre not wrong.

I have the Pulse, Riley Reid, Quick Connect both,the two True Sleeves or whatever, Tenga Bricks Spinner Soft and Hard, and a couple others that aren’t the ones for me.

I get the sensitivity thing if you are, I recommend the Riley Reid one because you can use both sides for entry like mentioned above. But right now the reigning champions are the quickshots with the option of going with the cases or using a smaller fleshlight, the straps hold everything.

Just my 2c.

So you mean the Riley one can’t be used with the case?

Yes, the Vantage is a great sleeve. I have several different Quickshots and most of them are really good, especially without the sleeve. If you haven’t tried them already I recommend checking out the QS Stamina Training Unit and Turbo which can be a bit messy until you learn how to use it correctly but it feels wonderful.

Anyone tried both the Mia Malkova and Riley Reid Quickshots - how do they compare?

All Quickshots can be used with or without the case, it is personal preference. The case will fit the stock Handy strap but it is a really tight fit and the strap will stretch a bit after a couple of uses making it a little easier to attach the QS case.

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