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Having a list or copy of all script files outside of this site

creating a new topic to separate out the two conversations happening in the original post


If you PM me a link to the Mega folder (or somewhere similar) then I’ll happily upload them in to a torrent on a public tracker. That way there is no need to worry about them ever being taken down or deleted.

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This is a great idea and could really benefit from some community collaboration. It would be a lot to expect you to comb through RTS and add the links - you’ve done enough already - but could everyone else do it for you if all you had to do was paste the link into the line on the spreadsheet?

So for instance I went looking for “18VR - A Walk in the Park - Mia Ferrari” which is buried in a post about COVID by xeroconform, the link for which is:

You could paste that link into the spreadsheet, and if everyone did likewise the work is shared :slight_smile:

(Of course to access the files everyone would have to have a login for RTS…and if RTS is ever taken down it all disappears.)

Sure, we can try that. I updated permissions and everyone with the link can edit spreadsheet and add link to the post where scripts can be found. Worst case scenario I will just revert changes in the spreadsheet.

Please guys be careful about posting scripts or linking script work that isn’t yours.

I can see several scripts on this list that were paid scripts and its easy to accidentally forget that they were paid so I would avoid further linking them without permission from the script creators to avoid possible issues.

I can assure that all of the scripts above can be aquired free of any charge by looking them up on RTS, eroscripts or Realsync.
I made the list by running through the sites above yesterday. If there is any script that was once paid that means that creator decided to share it for free, so please don’t spread misinformation.

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I was more focused on creating a master script index, but I agree with Realcucumber on 2 things:

  1. Always give credit to the script creator (although I think linking to their original post is probably well within the T&Cs)

  2. Be careful abut whether it is a paid script and don’t share original file - links to posts seem OK unless that post is breaching copyright and taking income away from someone else’s hard work; and protect yourself, don’t get caught up in the mess when the ban stick comes your way just because you linked to a dodgy post.

Actually, I’ve gone away and had a bit of sit and think about this and I’m out.

The whole reason that RTS failed was that people posted paid scripts, posed links to paid videos, hosted downloads of paid videos and generally misbehaved.

I can’t guarantee that the link I gave to the original post doesn’t have illicit content, and I’m not even sure one could really check, so, peace to you all but…no more.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

If the original creators want to come onto this site and post their work then more power to them, but leave it to them to do that.

I apologise for any staggering naivety.


@LondonGent In this torrent are scripts that i have created myself. These are free scripts, but i don’t agree that they are distributed this way! Remove that link, or i will do it myself. I’ve also flaged your post as inappropriate! I dont have a problem with a list of all free scripts, also with links to the original post, but this goes too far.

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Its a great thought to compile a list of free scripts, and Im re-reading your post more clearly that you were considering of uploading the scripts yourself which I was hoping you were refraining from doing so, which I appreciated, but now I am seeing actually megalinks/uploads of other users work without authorization, which was my main point that I was trying to hilight.

The whole reason we have ES and left RTS was because of the unauthorized sharing and posting of others work without their permission.

We shouldn’t have to nor do we want to have to scan and police scripts that are being shared, when we can just follow the simple and considerate rule of not sharing scripts that are not your own.

I understand the desire to and appreciate the thoughts of contributing, but there are plenty of others ways to do so, and at the very least we need to avoid sharing scripts without script creators acknowledgement or permission, free or paid, especially as its all clearly outlined in the Site Rules = Site wide rules

We have a great Free section for scripts, and users can easily search for content through the search bar (here and on RTS) and I dont see any issue with a master index list (without scripts uploaded), but I agree with @thebutlerdidit and @HeelsLover69 's sentiments in respecting the work of the script creators, and respecting how they want that work shared


@Realcumber Well said! Thank you!

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As a script creator myself, I can’t say I agree with the sentiments on display here. Everything I’ve made I’m happy for anyone to distribute as far and wide as they like, but perhaps that’s because I’m not trying to make a profit from it.

Either way, I’ll respect the rules and won’t repost the torrent here. Apologies for any upset caused.


To avoid any future confusion, can you explain how torrent was any different to the Archived scripts from RTS category? I’m assuming that @PHO3NIX-E and @hugecat didn’t get permission from every script creator before they scraped all the scripts to help get this site up and running?

I’m curious: why would uploading scripts to a torrent be a better route than simply attaching the scripts to the forum?

Two big benefits - Firstly it’s one simple download rather than loads of clicking from page to page. That’s particularly relevant for files that have come from forums where the search function is unreliable and difficult to use. Secondly, a torrent is not reliant on any external storage or services. If the bills couldn’t be paid and this site suddenly disappeared, all the archived scripts in the torrent would still be available. It’s a robust way to preserve things for the future.

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Personally, I don’t fully agree with the way it was done, but it’s what was settled. The difference with a torrent is that you have no idea who has done each script and it undermines the work that was put in. The combined time of all of those scripts (and tbh mostly only a handful of people) is 1500+ hours. Some may care, some may not. The ES archive has it separated by username at least. And there’s a rule that the author can have their posts removed by a mod if need be.


I think the rules are pretty clear on this one. If it is not you work (regarding scripts) and you do not have the explicit permission of the content creator; then you cannot share it.

If users want to make sure that content is not lost they are able to download categorize/organize the content however they want.

The sentiment is not lost on us @RotiRoh and trust me this site is already a lot more organized and simple to navigate. We have had a majority of the RTS script brought over to EroScripts with the permission of the content creators. The creators were contacted individually to get permission for this post.

Here is the aforementioned post.

Thank you for your co-operation.


You bring up a good point: what’s the difference between the #archived-scripts-from-rts category and a separate way of tracking the scripts? On one hand we want to archive the work put in on RTS in case it disappears in the future. On the other hand we want to respect scripter’s rights over their own work.

I don’t think it’s a problem if @RotiRoh or someone else wants to maintain a separate list. It might be beneficial to people looking for a more structured list of content.

However, if you have the files outside of the forum, it seems like it’s difficult for scripters to have visibility and control over their scripts. In a forum, you have accounts, control over your own posts, and mods to help enforce rules.


By majority you mean that there are scripts posted here without creators permission? That’s a little hypocrisy, don’t you think?

Of course I’m not going to post here the link with all the scripts, one of the moderators contacted me earlier and clarified that. By creating the list I just wanted to help people find all free VR scripts without the need of moving between multiple sites.

No, as in, not all scripts were brought over. We reached out to as many of the content creators individually as we could. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

As I said the sentiment is not lost on the community. I think it is a great idea and I appreciate the time. As a mod when I get a notification that my attention is needed I am going to chime in for a few reasons. To make sure everyone is on the same page. To make sure I understand the situation. To make sure everyone is in agreement with the next best action and so forth. Although you may have been contacted directly there are many people in the community who might come to a better understanding of the rules by reading this conversation.

Thank you for your understanding.