Headset Decision Solved

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Yes, the Quest 2 is the go to headset, if you don’t want to spend too much money. Has a high resolution and good picture quality, which is great for the videos and also for gaming.
You can use the Quest 2 as a pc vr headset and play your steam games with it. You need a link cable though.

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I got the quest 2 for Christmas and can attest to it being a really great device. I haven’t tried it with any funscripts yet, but it has wireless capabilities.

i Ask this question like 2 month ago, try to find my post.
I switch from the Samsung Gv to Oculus Q2.
I have now the Oculus, it’s good. I guess not like the Pimax who have 200 FOV, but it’s better.
I’m goign to take a better strap so the Oculus will not move :).
Ask any question if you need.

My post : VR Headset recommandation

The quest 2 is awesome as far as quality goes, if you look at specs of all VR headsets then it’s the best unless you want to spend 1000 or more dollars. If you been using gear then you’re in for a surprise at what VR can actually look like. The bad thing about the quest that you should know before buying is the intrusiveness of Facebook you’re basically giving Facebook permission to spy on your every move to take all information and you cannot access the Internet on the quest without Facebook being there and being involved


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I’m new to VR. Whats better between the quest 2 and rift s? is the 64gb model fine for videos?

Get the Quest 2 instead of the Rift S. The Quest 2 is the newest headset, has a way higher resolution (1,832 x 1,920 per eye) than the Rift S (1280 x 1440 per eye) and is also a standalone headset and be used as a PC vr headset. You need a link cable to connect you Quest 2 with the PC and then you have a PC vr headset as well. Note, that the quality is still not as good as a dedicated PC vr headset, due to image compression. With virtual desktop (software, can be bought on steam) you can even stream your PC content to your Quest 2. Your router needs to be capable of 5 ghz wifi for that.

The Quest 2 is capable of 90 hertz, instead of 80 hertz from the Rift S. Higher refresh rate means smoother videos / games. (If the video is a 90 fps video.)

The 64 gb should be enough, but it depends. Do you want to play a lot and by that, will you download a of games? Do you want to copy videos direct on the Quest instead of streaming via for example SLR / DeoVR ? If you want to put a lot of stuff direct on the Quest 2, the 128 gb version might be better. If you want to stream stuff and probably won’t download tons of games, the 64 gb will be enough.


Thanks, that was the perfect breakdown. I don’t plan on gaming much with it, so mostly just for videos to use with the handy or to watch regular movies if i can do that.