VR Headset recommandation


I’m using right now Samsung Gear with a Samsung S9 and the Handy, what is your recommandation to get a better video quality to get something better than the S9 with Samsung gear?
And maybe to use it a little bit for game ahah.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Quest 2 is the right one for you. Good video quality, you can play some games and the price with 299 is pretty cheap.

Ok yes it’s look great. Thank you for this.

The only things is if i use SLR, i can really use the video with 120/90fps.

From 60 to 120 this is a huge difference in term of immersion i guess (my monitor is 144fps).
But for this kind of content i don’t really know.

You need local storage? So it’s not using your Graphic card but all is in local of the Oculus, video and graphic calcul?

Yes quest2 is a standalone device with the possibilty to attach to a computer (and then using graphics card) but it works without the gpu/desktop-pc as well. (like oculus go).

The only thing many people hate is the facebook requirement and attachement. but lets hope the people jailbreaking/rooting the device make progress :wink:

Honestly, I don’t see any difference for videos from 60 to 120 fps. For games, I can see a huge difference between 30 or 60 fps, or 60 and 144 fps. For videos, I don’t see it. 60 fps is enough, 90 the best to fit the refresh rate from the VR headsets.

True. There is already a jailbreak and it seems to be confirmed. But I didn’t hear anything from that project for quite a while.

If you have a powerful PC though @Elrktjekf45, you could also go for the HP Reverb G2. Currently the best display on the consumer market. And no shitty Facebook stuff.


I see.
But you can just create a fake facebook account and it’s done ahah :slight_smile:
I got a Titan P so i guess this is enough :slight_smile:
And double the price but same fps and i little better definition.
So i will go for Oculus Quest 2 then…

To finish, is this usefull, did you see a difference with it? https://www.oculus.com/accessories/quest-2-fit-pack/

Facebook doesn’t care for your name. Yes, you can make a fake account. But that’s against their TOS, you could get banned.
Facebook is all about data. They sell all the data connected to your account. The name doesn’t matter, it’s just the raw data they care about.

There was already a topic few months ago, where I wrote some stuff regarding the Facebook agenda.

A pretty much TL:DR is: If you don’t care about Facebook’s business practice and you don’t value your privacy that high and you just want a cheap VR headset, get the Quest 2. Otherwise search for alternatives.

I can’t give any answers regarding the Quest 2, when it comes to addons, since I don’t have one. I live in Germany and Facebook doesn’t sell the Quest 2 here.

Yes sure. I glad some people understand that the facebook name is not what facebook use to make monay :wink:
But if you are using this account only for that… no problem ;). I already have few account. And never get any problem.

btw you shouldnt forget your videocard… playing 5k+ vids with an vr Headset is a thing where you indeed need a good Graphiccard… dont know wich one you got, but you will not be happy with an graphicard under RTX1070 for example i would say.

VR Headsets are just the “display”

besides the ones which are playing things local, like the oculus go, but there you can forget everything about 2k above ^^ Quest 2 is withot PC too yep, and is managing 4k resolution pretty well. For higher than 4k you will need a PC with good videocard i would say

Thank you for this intel.
I got a Titan Pascal so 4k is ok :slight_smile:

Maybe is can play with it… MAYBE :smiley:.
No, i’m not buying it only for SLR… no :p.
“For games” : This is what i’m going to say to my wife xD

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Any way, thanks guys for the intel. I bought it :slight_smile:

The Quest 2 will manage 8k videos without any problems. The XR2 chip is pretty powerful and wont struggle with high resolution videos.

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Did anyone try the Pimax 8XK? In terms of SDE (Screen Door Effect), it seems it’s almost perfect, like the Reverb: VR Through The Lens (photos & video): Pimax 8KX, 8K+, 8K, 5K+, Valve Index, HP Reverb v1, HTC Vive - YouTube. In terms of FOV and resolution, no other VR set can compete (and I’ve read in a lot of places that FOV is the most important thing if you are looking for an inmersive experience). The price? Yeah, it’s really expensive…

I wouldn’t recommend the Pimax. Technically it’s a great headset.

But it’s a headset, that has some problems from what I’ve heard. It’s not a headset, that you just plug in and everything works after a short setup. It’s needs some troubleshooting here and there.

I also heard that they aren’t so reliable. It can take a long time to receive the headset.

I was an early adopter of the Pimax 5k. The original units were prone to problems with QC, cracking plastic was not uncommon (corners). Thankfully I was able to RMA mine and they sent back an updated unit with their new face pad design and updated materials. So far so good. As far as user experience goes, yes it’s not as easy to setup up for some games and such, but honestly, their piTools software works pretty well and I haven’t had any issues. I also had an Index and after a few days and decided the field of view of the pimax was worth it. The Index screens are a bit better color and contrast wise, but that fov on the pimax is a big deal and i was ok with the more washed out blacks on the pimax. Honestly, once you go super wide FOV, it’s hard to go back. As far as interface goes with the scriptplayer, it’s pretty straightforward. Install Whirligig media player in steam, change it’s setting to output time code, setup scriptplayer to connect with Whirligig and that should do it. I’ve had instances where i had to load up the script into scriptplayer manually but usually it will find the script associated with the file playing whirligig. I have zero issues with playback: i7 7700k, 32gb, 1080ti.

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Thank you @slappy05! That’s what I wanted, someone that:

  • Had tried the Pimax and other VR headset to be able to compare
  • Use it to watch VR porn


After using the Oculus quest 2, the image is a little better than a Samsung VR with a S9 but. The quality image in general is not better… i mean color etc… :confused:

I got the Pimax 8KX a couple weeks ago. Previously my only headset was a Samsung Odyssey+. I should also mention that I have an RTX 3080, so I don’t know what the 8KX experience would be like with other cards.

Some context on Pimax’s modes:
-Pimax has a “Native” mode, which has 4K resolution for both eyes and a mediocre refresh rate of 75hz. It also has an “Upscaling” mode, which has a much higher refresh rate (110-120Hz) but lower resolution.

-Native 4K mode is awesome. I honestly couldn’t ask for better image quality (as far as resolution), and to my knowledge no other headset comes close.
-Upscaling mode is slightly better than what my Odyssey+ achieves as far as resolution/picture quality, but the wide FOV and higher refresh rate does make for a significantly better visual experience overall.
-The installation and setup was pretty painless. You just download this PiTool application from their site and it’s essentially plug-and-play. Everything runs smoothly and I haven’t encountered any bugs or issues so far. Caveat: See my cons.

-The lenses seem to be poorly calibrated or positioned by default (both physically on the hardware and digitally via software offsets). I’ve spent hours tweaking and re-tweaking and still haven’t quite figured out how to get consistently good IPD settings. To be clear, getting a focused image for a particular video/game just takes a minute, but I haven’t figured out optimal settings that will work every time I put the headset on. I’d say this is the single biggest problem the 8KX has, since a non-optimal IPD almost negates the point of having 4K resolution and wide FOV. I’m still glad I bought it, but they definitely need to fix this problem.
-The standard 8KX doesn’t have headphones. Instead, it has these over-the-ear speakers which are about an inch away from your ear. You can get headphones and plug them in via a USB-C port in the headset, so this is just a minor annoyance.

-IPD annoyances aside, I’m actually really glad I bought the 8KX. I did a test where I watched the same video with both the 8KX and the Odyssey+, and even though the Odyssey+ is nothing to scoff at, I really don’t see myself every going back to it now that I have the 8KX.

Highly recommended if you have the means to get one. And even if you can’t get one right now, the good news is that now that this new technical benchmark has been set, we should start to see similar, cheaper, and better options pop up over the next couple of years.

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