HELP! can't setup my pc for scripts in VR

I scoured this site and many other sites, but I can’t seem to get clear instructions on how to setup my PC to watch local videos in VR and use funscripts, while also using my Lovense Max 2. I don’t want to pay for SLR, as I have all the videos I want on my pc. Is there any program that will do what I need, and how do I set it up. Thanks!!!

I dont know about VR, however i think u can use Scriptplayer

It should hav all settings to connect devices

HereSphere should work on PC but it needs ScriptPlayer too

There is a free demo.

No need to log into SLR or any other site.

I got scriptplayer, but what video player can I use. All I find is SLR, but you need a premium account to use it, which is a waste of money for me. Any free VR video players?

Might be able to tie in scripts to a free video player like Plex/Plevr, via MultiFunScripter. I’m not sure tho cause I use SLR

Ive checked and there is a checkbox for VR in “Devices” tab on the top in scriptplayer. Cant u just download the VR video and it auto converts?

  1. download scriptplayer and install it
    ScriptPlayer 1.1.0 - New Release (18.01.2020)

  2. download steam and install it

  3. download deovr video player from steam store and install it. It’s free.

  4. In VR (not sure if you can do it without vr) launch deovr player, go to SETTINGS MENU and ENABLE REMOTE CONTROL

  5. Exit Deovr Player

  6. Now download Intiface Desktop
    Intiface Central, Your Body, and You

  7. Launch Intiface Desktop. Go to SERVER STATUS and click on START SERVER (I have to click it twice for some reason for it to work)

  8. Launch ScriptPlayer. Go to DEVICE > BUTTPLUG/INTIFACE > and select CONNECT
    (Script player also has link built in that takes you direct to Intiface if you select DOWNLOAD

  9. Once Script Player connects to INTIFACE. Go to DEVICE > BUTTPLUG/INTIFACE > and select SCAN FOR DEVICES

  10. Once your device is found, go to VIDEO PLAYER ON THE ScriptPlayer App and select DeoVR

  11. Launch DeoVR Player and select the video you want to play

Make sure the video and the funscript are in the same folder and have the same name. Example: Video File would be name “123.mp4” and the funscript would be name “123.funscript”


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