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Hello. I am having trouble figuring out how to stream VR videos to my Oculus Quest and sync with scripts. I usually stream with Skybox, but that doesn’t support scripts. I have tried DeoVR but can’t get it to see the files in my DLNA server (have tried various servers). This is very frustrating!

Is there anyone out here who can provide some guidance?

Thank you!

I would recommend trying XBVR. The DeoVR team has indicated they intend to drop DLNA support in the near future, and once you get it working it’s actually more reliable than DLNA was for me. It took a couple hours to get it fully setup since I had to rename all the funscripts to match the XBVR titles, but once that was over with it’s proven seamless.

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Thanks, Sinbus. Are there any XBVR guides or other resources/instructions with more details than the Readme file that comes with the installation? I’m on a Mac, having trouble setting it up.


I kinda just searched around on Google and fought through it.

Where are you running into problems? Can you access the UI with your web browser? Do you have your library set up but can’t access it in DeoVR?

I can’t get the scripts to run. But I am using an Oculus Go, that might be the problem. Not sure if that is still supported by DeoVr.

Are the scripts named exactly the same as the name that XBVR displays when you play videos through it?

I read somewhere just an hour ago that DeoVR no longer supports the Go. Can’t find the link now, but I think that’s that. Thanks for your help Sinibus!

You can sync scripts with XBVR and an Oculus Go through XBVR’s DeoVR web interface, using the old (I guess now unmaintained) DeoVR app.

  • In XBVR’s web interface, go to Options, DeoVR and turn on the DeoVR Integration if it isn’t already. Make a note of the web address on the right, it’s your Mac’s IP address and should be something like (ignore the address, that’s the local loopback). Oh and make sure your Go and Handy are on the same wi-fi network.

  • In the Finder on your Mac, put your video and script in the same folder that you’ve set up in XBVR’s Options, Storage. In XBVR’s web interface under Options, Storage, click the Rescan button just to make sure it’s detected both of them. Now go to the Files tab and click the Match button next to the video, match it to a scene, and then Match the script with the same scene. (You’ll need to have turned on the scene scrapers in Options, Scrapers and run the scrapers so XBVR can ID your scene.)

  • In XBVR, go to the Scenes tab and find your scene. Does it have a little solid blue square “script” icon on it? Good! I’d click the “add to watchlist” icon under your scene while you’re here to make it easier to find, if you have a lot of videos (as DeoVR on the Go has no way to filter by scenes with scripts).

  • Turn your Handy on and press the button to connect it to wifi.

  • On your Go, open up the DeoVR app. Here’s the trick: click the “Internet Browser” icon and go to first. (I don’t think you need to log in here? But if the rest of this doesn’t work, create a free account and log in. You don’t need a subscription or anything.) Now click the “Settings” gear icon top right. On the left under Interactive, turn on “Connect to SLR Interactive” and turn on the Handy, type your Handy’s key in. It’ll hopefully tell you that it’s connected here. You can now close that window.

  • Now go to or whatever that IP address was from XBVR that you made a note of earlier. Find your scene and play it. If you’ve done it all right, a dialog should pop up saying “sending script to handy” or something like that, then a few seconds later it’ll say “successfully sent to handy”. There should also be a funscript icon across the top of the player’s navigation to the right of the zoom and playback speed buttons—it should be blue if you’re connected/active, white/gray if you’re not. (You can click it to disconnect/connect the Handy.)

Hope that all works for you. Good luck!

Mongoose, thank you! But… what do you mean by, “the old (I guess now unmaintained) DeoVR app”? Do I have to find and install an old version of DeoVR on my Oculus Go? Or will the current one in the Oculus store work?


Oh I just mean the current one available for Go in the Go’s app store. (I assume it’s now unmaintained and not going to get any more updates 'cause you said “I read somewhere just an hour ago that DeoVR no longer supports the Go.”)

Latest version of DeoVR works on Oculus Go, just not for scripts…

You can input your Handy Key and DeoVR says it’s connected, but the Handy does not respond.

Still, I’ll try the other steps that you listed and see what happens. Thanks!

Dude! It works! Thank you so much for your help!

It was the matching of the script to the scene in the files tab that I hadn’t done before. I spent hours spent trying to get this to work. Had no idea about that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

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Glad to hear you got it working! Yeah there isn’t really any documentation for XBVR about matching scripts so it took way too much messing around before I figured it out myself!

How do you match the funscripts to the vids? When I go to “Files” I see the vid and funscript next to each other, they both have a button that says “Match,” but when I click it, it just has a pop up window that says “Match file to scene” with some information but nothing to select. There’s a search bar but it doesn’t seem to search anything. What am I supposed to do with this?

I believe you have to run the scraper function first (Options, Scrapers). Then try to match again.

Yeah, as @kit555 says, you have to run the scrapers first.

XBVR is a decent app but it relies entirely on building up its database of “known scenes” by scraping them off all the various mainstream studio’s websites, which you need to do yourself by running the scrapers:

  • in the XBVR web interface, go to Options, Scrapers and turn on all the scrapers you think you’ll need (say you just have a subscription to BadoinkVR and only download their videos, you can just turn that particular scraper on, or you can just turn them all on). Then click the Run selected scrapers button to start them scraping immediately. Once you’ve turned them on it schedules them to run every 12 hours or so, I think, as long as the XBVR server is running, but if you click that button it start them going immediately. You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the scraping to complete—it should show updates on progress in the top right—then it’ll have built up a database of “known scenes.”

Then you match your files to these. The app will do this automatically if you download a scene you bought and don’t rename the file, otherwise you’ll need to manually match it on the Files tab—thankfully it uses some clever text matching here so as long as your filename is named close enough to the actual scene it’ll suggest the relevant nearest matches (then you click which one it is). You match funscripts in the same way, through the Files tab.

The limitation of XBVR is when you have files that don’t match any “known scenes” in its database. Then you’re pretty much out of luck if you also have a funscript for it, as you can’t match both the video and funscript to the same unknown scene. I think Stash has created its own online database that users can both get and submit data to, which would be good for XBVR if it could use this and let its users add their own data for unknown scenes, but I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen. I’ve not been able to figure out how to get Stash working well with its scrapers or VR content in general, XBVR mostly works out-of-the-box well enough that I’ve not bothered trying.

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Well, there’s the answer. “Unknown scenes” is almost the entirety of my collection.
Jfc I’ve been trying to watch porn on my Quest for two months now. I can’t believe it’s this difficult.

Yeah, unfortunately syncing funscripts is painful—there’s a lot to be said for sites like SLR that make interactive devices seamless. You can still make things work with your Quest and XBVR, even with unmatched scenes, but it’s going to be annoying in a different way:

  • For every script you want to sync, first you’re going to have to match the script’s filename to your video’s filename exactly. e.g. say you’ve got the video and script of this, if your filename is Yua Mikami - A Complete Monopoly On Yua Mikami - SIVR-067-C 180x180_LR.mp4 then you’ll need to name the script Yua Mikami - A Complete Monopoly On Yua Mikami - SIVR-067-C 180x180_LR.funscript

  • Now you have to copy the script directly to your Quest. (Told you it’d be annoying!) You can use SideQuest—probably easiest—or the Android File Transfer tool to do this. In SideQuest, connect your Quest to your computer with a cable (or try SideQuest’s experimental wireless mode) and click the Manage files on this headset button. Click the + button and make a new folder on your Quest called Interactive (it should be in the root folder of the device and you’ll only have to create it once).

  • Copy all your scripts into this folder—you can drag and drop the funscripts onto the SideQuest window once you’ve navigated inside the Interactive folder. Yes, you’ll have to do this every time you get a new script & video, sorry.

OK, that’s it. Now when you play an unmatched video from your XBVR server, DeoVR will detect there’s a matching script on your Quest and send it to your Handy (assuming you’ve done the setup mentioned above where you connect to the SLR site and put your Handy’s key in the settings).

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@Mongoose Since I normally use ScriptPlayer on my computer, I already name all my scripts identical to their videos. I’m trying to keep porn off my headset which is why I haven’t been loading the scripts into the interactive folder. I’m not familiar with Sidequest. Am I able to at least hide the folder with that?

It seems really dumb that you have to match A to C and then C to B just so you can ultimately match A to B. I got Stash working, and it doesn’t do any of this nonsense. As long as the filenames are identical, the script just plays when you play the video. The dealbreaker is that you have to play everything in a really ugly and featureless web player.

And thanks for your assistance.

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