Help with OFS, "next frame" jumps 3 sec

Didn’t know what to search, so sorry in advanced if theres already another thread on this.

When scripting with OFS, and using the left and right arrows for “next frame” and “previous frame”, when I press the right arrow to go forward, it’ll jump 3 seconds, then another 3 seconds, then proceed to the next frames.

Alternatively, when I press the left arrow to go to the previous frame, it goes forward about 5 seconds.

Thanks in advanced!

Check your “Keys” under “Options”:

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have exactly that. Still ot jumps more than just the “next frame”. It makes scripting with OFS difficult.

It’s weird, I’ve never expierienced anything like that, you could try reinstalling OFS.

Does the problem occurs with all videos or only this specific one?

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Have you tried making an I-framed version?

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I had the same thing happen and it was due to how the scene had been rendered. As someone else suggested, do an i-frame render and script off that.

Instructions for this can be found in Husky’s tutorial, Part 3.

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Thanks, all. Will try when i get a chance!

The issue we have here is that a lot of our source videos here are hosted on big services like PH, XHamster, and the like. So the video has been rendered and manipulated to be the minimum size while still looking pretty good. It’s amazing to me how someone can take a 300mb video file and work whatever magic on it and upload it to spankbang at 45megs and it still looks pretty ok. Those are the vids that are hard to deal with on a frame by frame basis for keyframe scripting.

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