HereSphere file sharing/streaming

I spent several hours today FINALLY getting HereSphere on the Oculus 2. A long process, but a good hurdle, I guess.
However, now I’m stuck with how to play files from my PC. I would highly prefer to be able to play them through ScriptPlayer and just have the Oculus be the “monitors”. I saw something with using DeoVR, which seemed simple, but did not work. I’m really hoping that someone else has a bit more comprehensive ‘how to’ or knowledge to post about this? I’m too mentally exhausted to keep fighting today so I’m putting this out there in hopes to have a solution in the near future.

There are probably more elegant ways of doing this, but the way I’ve been doing things is:

Use the steamVR version of HereSphere. Play steamVR using AirLink, open HereSphere and run a Local video stored on my computer. That will run the video on your computer and send the video stream to your Oculus.

You’ll need scriptplayer running, connected to DeoVR and the IP address from HereSphere.

Quest 2 can run all videos natively, so I don’t think streaming SteamVR is necessary. You will also need VR ready PC for it, so people with cheaper PC/laptops can forget it.

@myFrameWork I made this tutorial. You will need to setup SMB server and connect your Quest 2 to Scriptplayer over WiFi. If you will have any questions you can DM me and I will try to help:


Is there an advantage of using SMB servers and running HereSphere on the oculus instead of SteamVR? If it’s working fine for me at the moment, is it worth spending the time changing my setup?

If it works for you then no, but my method don’t require VR capable PC, that’s the only difference.

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Ok thanks

for me its SMB (with special credentials) over DLNA… (every family member can see your porn)
heresphere on the oculus…
on the pc… i start infiface interface, connect toys, then start MultifunPlayer and watch every video and funscripts from the shared NAS smb…
i dont touch SteamVR unless i play games…
the whole point was to no pay a subscription fee and watch my stash locally
so far there are many ways to do the job… and i spend way too much hours testing…

THIS worked for me. You’re right, it may not be the most elegant, but it’s good to keep stuff OFF the oculus and give me a bit more control on where I store the script videos.

Hello, I have a problem…
for 2 Days was all ok with buttplug - Multifunplayer - HereSphere with smb and the Quest 2.
today Multifunplayer not connect to Heresphere

System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (10061)
computer denies access

Why is it no longer possible?
Need Help pls

Thanks in advance

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