How can I use a Lovense Edge 2 with scripts?


I’ve had some great help on here before so I was hoping to try again.

I own a Lovense Edge 2 and I was wondering if anybody knew a way to connect it to my Oculus Quest 2 using the Heresphere app? I can’t really get a clear idea from searching about it.

I’ve got my Handy connected and working fine. It would be nice to have the same scripts be used for my Lovense. I also have a Hismith Premium, so if there was a way of incorporating that too it would be awesome.

Any help is very appreciated!

If you download ScriptPlayer and’s Intiface Central , you should be able to play back the scripts and control any/all Lovense toys (my Max, Gush and Hush all work perfectly).

I’ve only used ScriptPlayer with VLC though - but looking around the ScriptPlayer Github site, selecting “DeoVR” should work (by looks of things, DeoVR was renamed HereSphere on February 11 so depending on which version of ScriptPlayer you get, it may or may not have been renamed).

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were you able to get it to work? wonder what it’d be like with both the handy and edge at the same time

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