How to run 2 or 3 toys with different scripts on a video

how can i run on a video with different scripts for vibration, for stroke for estim in same time? -like edi?

For running different scripts for multiple devices, I’ve covered this in this reply:

I do not have VR equipment. Can you give me a recommendation for a video player who can candle more than one script?

I’ve done this on my Macbook in a different and it can work well. Same can be done on Windows where you have 2 windows open side-by-side and each one is connected to a different toy running the same video /funscript on each. You will have to pause and start each to get synchronised. I’ve had 2 Handy’s doing this; one inverted to operate a dildo whilst the other does the usual stuff :wink:
Just Google “split screens on Windows” and you can even have more than 2 running different devices.