I got a questions about Naughtyamerica scripts

Do i pay for website sub then handy sub separately or do i get NA scripts with a regular NA sub?

Can i download the scripts?
Can i download both video & script & play offline?
If I’ve to pay separately for the scripts then how much?
& do i still have to pay for a sub to get to scripts?

Hiya Bud, most of your questions are answered here.

Naughty America Scripts (A review) - General - EroScripts

But the quick TLDR

The script sub is on top of your site subscription
You dont get the actual script you get what they call a token which plays the script from the server. This allows them to alter the scripts and remove your access once you stop subbing.
You can download both the video and the token but the handy requires access to the internet and there servers to work.
You dont by individual scripts but are a sub and it was $24.99 a month when i last checked.
You have to have the naughty america sub to get the scripts.

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