I have no idea where to begin

I’m totally new to this. I have a Launch and can use mobile but would rather use MacBook for viewing and syncing. My question is…what do I download to be able to watch and get my launch synced? Please talk to me like I’m a toddler and really spell it out, I read things on here and still have no idea where to start. Thanks I’m advance !

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trapsy47 has a Launch so that won’t help unfortunately. I did a similar mistake in another thread the other day :slight_smile:

@trapsy47 have a look in this thread for some tips. Unfortunately there are limited options (I’m not a mac user myself BTW). Maybe @poet145x can give more insight.

When it comes to VR and MacOS/iOS then there are related discussions here that might give some insight on what options there could be for you.

@sentinel Thanks for letting me know I can try to help the best I can I used to have a launch but it broke on me.

@trapsy47 Do you currently have a VR headset as well or are you just watching 2D videos?

And if you have a Mac do you currently use an iphone as well?


Right now I’m just watching 2d videos. Hope will have a VR headset soon. Honestly all I want is to watch more videos than what pornhub can offer me lol

So how are you currently using the launch with scripted content?

If you are just watching 2D videos, right now the easiest way would be to just use

Here’s a pretty detailed simple explanation on how to use it by the creator.

Click Arrow button on home page, upload video file, and for haptics choose the corresponding funscript.
Then navigate to the Connecting via Browser (macOS/Linux/Android/ChromeOS) in the tutorial to connect the launch.

For now this would be the easiest way to get started. If you wanted to go beyond that or once you have a VR headset then you would have to explore the DeoVR app.

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