Ignore posts by specific user?

Hi, the header says it all really. Is it possible to ignore posts by a specific user? I have no beef with them, so I’m not concerned about ‘blocking’ them as such, but I’d just prefer not to see their own posts. I know about avoiding specific tags but it doesn’t help in this instance. Thanks!

# Muting tags / categories / users

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Ah thanks man, I’ve muted (and then ignored) them, but I still see their posts everywhere? The only difference is when I click on them it says ‘muted content’. I guess there’s no way to prevent them clogging up my timeline? Or is this something that comes into effect after the event? ie I won’t see future posts from them?

It should hide all posts and comment by a specific user. IIRC there are some issues if you watch other tags / users and it might not work. Oh, and don’t forget to hit “Save changes”.

Or maybe it does work only for future posts for users, idk.

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Cheers man, I might have to jump in the Delorian and go do it yesterday :wink: This should be very helpful for future posts though :+1:

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