Inaccurate Scripting. How to handle? How to identify? Additional tag(s) required?

I wanted to ask the community about their feelings on inaccurate/freeform scripts. I’m excluding audio based and specific genre scripts such as PMV, HMV, Stamina trainers, audio-only files because they have to not match action on screen due to their nature.

Obviously, all scripting styles are valid since this is an artform but this was something I wanted to talk about.

Touching on Filler
For some scripts filler might be required due to lack of action on screen. Some people might put in random filler, script to the feel of the scene, or put no filler at all. (This came up because I’ve been having to script implied action due to camera movements on the script im working on). I think people like there being no filler, cause they can just plug the script into funexpander and automatically add it.

The Main Point
The subject that I wanted to discuss were scripts that have action on screen and are entirely unsync’d(I’m not talking about accuracy due to video length differences, quality or due to inexperience).

I don’t particularly understand these kinds of scripts cause they’re not synced to the action on screen, music or anything, so it takes me out of the experience/video since it’ll be going crazy at the weirdest times. I could get a similar effect by letting an AI do the job or sticking in a randomizer, or manually adjusting the machine randomly.

I’m only posting this thread because I found out scripts with giant video files(20gb) had scripts that didn’t match the action. This is a first world problem but I also understand not everyone has unlimited bandwidth.

The Questions
What are your thoughts and opinions on these kinds of scripts? Do we need to tag this sort of thing? Or do we just consider it artistic intent/interpretation?


I think a “Freestyle”-tag or something would be nice. Makes it easier to find or avoid depending on preference.

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I’ve also had the same experience, so some way to differentiate would be nice :+1:

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I also think a tag could make sense. Filler to keep things alive during long breaks can be good but I definitely don’t want it going crazy during a break.

Scripts that match insertions but then just go crazy into lala land bug me most. Mostly run into it with jav which makes some level of sense… That is what came to my mind with the ‘inaccurate scripting’ bit.

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YES a “FREE FORM” tag is much needed!!! While I appreciate everyone sharing, free form is not my thing and if I spend hours finding and downloading a specific video only for it to be “free form” I’m upset. Some ppl like it, but it’s not my thing


At the least I think it ought to be mentioned in the description when a script is posted. I’d want to know whether a script doesn’t match what’s happening on screen, and I probably wouldn’t download it if that was the case. It saves disappointment. I remember gearing up for the Peta Jenson ‘Sexcation’ scene, but the script didn’t have much to do with what I was seeing, and that sucked.

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I’ve got issues mostly because I see a new script and decide whether i want it based off actors, genre, or from previews. I grab the video and script and leave.

Most of the time if I see anything about the script being freeform/unsync’d its by commenters after I’ve already grabbed it, which is fine for smaller vids, but when im downloading scripted vr vids that are at minimum several gigabytes per video/part, its bothersome.


@nocare @Bounce @hugecat (tagging yall cause replying to each of you separately seems silly.)

A freeform/freestyle tag would be the best solution. The only issue I could see with the freeform tag is posters not really applying the tag themselves for a variety of reasons.

The community would probably have to add it themselves or ask mods to do it since most of the time I only find out about the freeform scripting issues through comments.


I second this notion. Ppl spend time, bandwidth and storage space for this websites vidz, especially vr stuff. It’s be nice to know if the script is “not my thing” before putting in the work to get it all. And hey, some ppl do like free form. So it would give them a chance to sort by it

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freeform makes sense to me.

But does filler really need it’s own tag? This one seems much harder to get consistent adoption and is not as big an impact as freeform.


Definitely will be a problem of not being added. As well, many of those vids don’t even have a comment stating its an issue. Though would probably eventually get added if there was an easy way to call it out.

I hear you on vr. Can get a whole string of them like that by the time I actually boot into it. Then I forget which ones to delete lmao.

I always say if I put fuller and so do others. Some ppl - like @bumdude even make two scripts one with fuller and one without. So I don’t think it’s a pressing issue. If you’ve felt otherwise then my apologies

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Is that really so common that people create scripts that neither follow the action nor the audio motivating tagging the occurrence? I’m just saying because it’s hard as it is to get consistent and accurate tags for released scripts. I personally haven’t encountered it for scripts for studio VR releases either. Anyways, I don’t know which member level you need, but the community can create their own tags if you really think there is a need. They aren’t managed by mods or admins only.

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Filler is def more of a preference thing since it doesnt necessarily negatively or positively harm a script. The inclusion or exclusion of filler should be up to the scripter. Filler itself should not need a tag.

Plenty of scripters provide scripts with and without filler. And it isnt too difficult to add it, and theoretically deleting it shouldnt be too hard.

I don’t have problems with filler in the scripts because I can just delete them with a script editor if I don’t want them. Scripts that not pmv or similar which doesn’t follow the actions on screen are pure pain. I hope a tag will decrease the problem.

My latest script presented me with a dilemma about filler. It’s a JOI and she’s expecting the viewer to be stroking at all times (except when she explicitly says not to, in which case there’s obviously no action in the script). She’s working a dildo so I match her actions, but sometimes what she’s doing isn’t what she’s encouraging the viewer to do, in which case I revert to what she’s suggesting the viewer does and ignore the action.

Other times the dildo isn’t there at all, so there’s no action to match and I just got creative while following the overall instructions. I think it works well, and hopefully the scripting choices make sense and don’t distract. I’d be interested in any feedback from those who’ve tried it out.


I think JOI kind of falls into exclusions along with audio stuff. Their movement not matching their instructions is really common haha. I think following the instructions over the action is probably most in the spirit of things. Plenty to interpret but not really the same as freeform approach.

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I would say yes as freeform implies that there are no cueues being used. PMV and CH generaly are restricted to beats, while normal videos follow the action. Having that 3rd indicator can truly do a lot.

Especialy within the JOI category freeform can matter since some videos do show the action, while some dont. Knowing this info can on that be very helpful.

Even i do generaly put some very minimal movements at the end of CH videos rather than an instant end (which to me is filler movement). But even then i usualy mention it.

…sounds like a good ideer to me.

Personally i really don’t like the term ‘Free-form’, it sounds too much like a gluten-free product or something, 'Freestyle’ appeals to my Rocket League sensibilities and sounds more like a positive characteristic. And as has been pointed out, some JOI can be taken as Freestyle, and that can be very entertaining, i just don’t want peeps that end up with the Free(wtvr) tag thinking they’ve been ‘relegated’ by it. So aye, i vote for ‘Freestyle’… more panache imo.

On the subject of filler, as someone who never corrects or modifies scripts, i kinda like a bit of filler, if it’s done subtly, if there’s a long break. For example, i get bored during those ‘pussy licking’ scenes in VR (looking at you SLR…), perfect place for a bit of filler. Though i do have a secondary suction machine for injecting my own filler in my set-up, i can see how a total script-noob like my self without one would be happy with some filler during the long boring pauses. Does it need a tag, though? i dunno, might be too much spurious info? i think in the end if it’s ever necessary, the best result would be two scripts, labelled filler and non-filler. Perhaps some noble soul learning the art of scripting, might modify an existing script with a little filler where they feel it’s needed, so the OG scripter doesn’t have to do that extra work, if that is acceptable to the OG scripter, and of course only if it actually needs it…?


I’m not opposed to a new tag, but I feel like you’ll just run into another problem. A decent chunk of scripts tagged HMV/PMV that should be tagged audio-based and/or action-based but aren’t. Just saying “the community will do it” isn’t enough.

(EroScripts also seems to be an “action” tag, not sure if it’s different from “action-based.”)

Would it be possible to require new scripts to be tagged audio-based and/or action-based, or whatever other tag? I assume a hard requirement wouldn’t be possible, but maybe users could be somehow notified if their submission is missing them.

When you upload content to boorus, you’re required to have a rating (similar to the ESRB’s E, T, M, and AO). They’re searchable as tags, but the way they’re added is different, forcing you to pick one. On the other hand, there’s also stuff like copyright tags. Everything has to either be tagged with an IP (like Overwatch, Street Fighter, Vocaloid, etc), “original”, or “copyright_request”. If you upload without adding one of those tags, there’ll be a box at the top of the screen telling you that you forgot.