Installing Scriptplayer on Quest 2

So at the risk of sounding like a noob, I’m having an issue getting Scriptplayer on my Quest 2. I tried clicking the .exe link and it showed briefly in my Quest download folder but I cannot install it. Do I have to use SideQuest? If so, can someone please refresh my memory as to how? I have SideQuest installed already, but I’ve only used it once before.
Thanks for any help!

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A .exe file is going to be for Windows, the Quest2 is basically modified Android so it would need an .APK file to run.

If you want to run scripts on the Q2, HereSphere is awesome.

Can someone please help? Where do I find the apk version of Scriptplayer? The FredTungsten site only seems to have exe version. Or can I run natively on HereSphere without using Scriptplayer?

So the easiest way since you already have SideQuest is probably to install HereSphere. You should be able to play any videos on the device at that point. If you have a pc you want to stream from, you can install XBVR and connect with HereSphere. Works quite well.

I actually have HereSphere already and I was hoping to not have to stream from a PC, but I thought I had to use Scriptplayer. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks!

Hey, you can use Heresphere with Scriptplayer wirelessly. This way you use full potential of Quest 2 to play the videos and PC only sends the script to your stroker. I made a short guide on that, you just need to type the right IP address in Heresphere and Scriptplayer. Read the notes under each step for some help on figuring that out:

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Hi I’ve got my setup now working with PC, Keon, Quest 2, Scriptplayer and Heresphere with my funscripts copied to interactive folder on Quest 2.

You mention ‘…Quest 2 to play the videos and PC only sends the script to your stroker…’ so does that mean I don’t have to copy funscripts to my Quest 2? Do I just have to open folder from Scriptplayer which has vid & funscript for setup to work as tried that and I didn’t having it working?

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