Investigate preference for future script states

Now I’m writing a long script
This is a video about a 43 minute video
You can see the production status here
Anyway, the point is
I want to know what kind of script you like
The following are examples of two scripts

  • Simplified script


  • Detailed Scripts (If the connection is not good, it may not work well)

Detailed script

If you have a lot of Simplified Scripts preferences, from now on, I will try to make them when I make scripts!
You can make multiple choices! If you prefer both, you can check both!

  • Simplified Scripts
  • Detailed Scripts

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Also, I want to know which script you prefer, hardcore or slow!

  • Hardcore Scripts
  • Slow Scripts

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I’d appreciate it if you could vote for me :grinning:


I will just chime in and say that you can also make script detailed without overusing this many points, for example like on the right side here instead:

It looks like the simplified script is missing some up and down strokes in the middle if it’s the same moment in the video.


I will just put in my 2cents in saying yes I do prefer a detailed script, but only on slow/teasing sections. On the harder/faster sections it will probably be better to stick to a simplified format to prevent jittering and stuff esp on the older devices.


That part may be unnecessary, but it’s used a lot to express acceleration, and I’ll probably use it like the right side when I make a simple script!

Actually, the fast script, I’m making it like that! Thank you for your good opinion!

Devices may have difficulties handling too many commands in a short time. The communication technique used seems to have an effect too. TheHandy and other devices using bluetooth may have issues with scripts with lots of details compared to TheHandy being wifi connected where the full script is downloaded directly to the device. Some devices might feel like they are stuttering due to the constant change of speed due to how the firmware handles change in speed and direction. @Husky comment about reducing the detail a bit reduce the impact of all these issues.


I know that part! In fact, even if it’s a Detailed Scripts, I’m making the interval speed with a minimum limit (about 34ms)! The speed of the script is like that, too!
I felt that there was a limit to the movement that can be expressed through Bluetooth linkage, so I made it into a detailed script version.
My Detailed Scripts is basically based on a wifi connection, so I’ll make a simplified scripts for Bluetooth or older device integration!
Simplified Scripts will be based on a relatively long interval speed, as you say!

This investigation is trying to see if you prefer simplified scripts like that!

Thank you for writing down the information that many people need to know!:grinning:


My Launch can’t keep up with a lot of the scripts people are pumping out because there are too many points.

I’ve tried using the funexpander to fix them, however it doesn’t always work as expected. For example, it might make a section half-speed or change the depth is a really weird way.

Dunno if there’s any tools for a scripter to create a detailed script and then simplify it while retaining some level of control.

You can use “Simplify” tool in OFS to remove extra points afterwards, but it still require you to go through entire scripts and apply it in parts, because if you will use too big values it will remove some strokes instead. It’s certainly possible.

Voting is over!
there are preferences for Simplified Scripts more than I thought!
So is the slow script!
Since simplified scripts are generally slow, I will try to make additional simple versions for future scripts!
I can’t do it all, but for the long script, it’s going to be pre-released!
If it’s a short script, it might not be!
Thank you for your precious vote!

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