Is the best VR experience worth it?

Hello friends,

Based on the help from these forums i was able to hook up PSVR (from 2016) to watch VR videos, but it was a very double vision nauseating experience. Is this also a problem with more modern VR systems? I want to make the purchase leap but not if it’s still so nauseating and difficult to set up.

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With a properly installed VR HMD where you have adjusted the eye distance you shouldn’t have any issues with double vision unless the video itself is defective in post production.

I upgraded from ps4 with psvr to a quest2 around 18 months ago, the difference is insane, and with a standalone headset everything is much easier to do, and a huge leap in quality.


some people naturally just get sick in VR. You may be able to improve it with a better setup, or just with more experience to get your ‘vr legs’.

Motion sickness isn’t ocmmon when watching VR videos though. It’s usually in games where you move around that motion sickness tend to become an issue.

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oh true i was thinking more about games

Hard agree with @sentinel on this one. The PSVR was late to the game and many issues had already been solved by its release. It’s most likely that either your headset was adjusted to the wrong interpupillary distance (IPD) or the video was defective.

PSVR was always a pretty terrible headset - for a variety of practical reasons related to the VR market back in 2015/2016. Quest 2 is very significantly better.

But to be clear: VR is still pretty terrible (I say that as someone who works full-time as a VR dev) so unless you’re prepared and willing to put up with complex, janky and uncomfortable hardware (in exchange for incredible immersive experiences) I’d say wait another 5 years or so. :stuck_out_tongue:


It might be interesting to create a survey to find out how many users are equipped for VR.

You already have to pay the price, a good helmet is at least 400/500!!

You must then be able to support it, physically (heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable) and psychologically (feeling of confinement, disconnection from the room where you are, etc.).

Personally, I haven’t taken the leap, financially…, but I have no doubt that the experience must be immersive!!

And then it takes such a development that it is clear that it will be the future.

Already today, I connect every morning on ERO, I follow the current debates, I look at the new ideas in software and hardware, I observe the new scripts and I put in favorites those that I like to test them more late. For some time 90% of new daily scripts are for VR. So those who are not equipped are finding it increasingly difficult to find what they are looking for.

Hence the idea of launching a survey and seeing what percentage of members are equipped with VR.

Already done in May last year.

Sorry, I pass almost every day, I had missed it.
I just participated.
I note: 1 out of 4 watch mainly VR with scripts (it’s very little)
If we look at the graph we are close to 50% of 2D users