Is the "loli" tag blacklisted by default for all users or just for non-users?

Hey all,

I have been producing some well received furry loli-themed HMVs, but today encountered someone who was upset by the content. You can view the topic here (contains previews of explicit loli content, be warned):

I was under the impression that the loli tag was blacklisted by default for all users, so that only people actively seeking out the content would see it as is discussed in this topic: Should Loli (considered child pornography in UK) be banned or quarantined?

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting it and it is only blacklisted for non-users, in which case I think that should definitely be changed, or perhaps the upset user unintentionally removed loli from their blacklist or did not understand what it meant.

In any case, I don’t want to post content that will upset people, so I want to be absolutely sure that it is blacklisted by default for everyone.

It is not. I thought I saw threads with that tag, without searching for it, and I just did a quick click on the tag to double-check, and yeah, it’s not blacklisted at all. My advice is to put [Loli/Shota] in the title. That way, there’s no confusion. I saw a thread with [Cub] for furry porn. Not overly familiar with the lingo for furry porn, but I suggest sticking to [Loli/Shota], as everyone will know what that is. [Shota] is less commonly used, and I feel like some people may not be aware of what it means, so if in doubt put [Loli/Shota], instead of just [Shota].
EDIT: When I say I checked the tag, I mean the threads that I thought I saw earlier that I thought might be Loli, appeared when I clicked on the tag. So anything that involves loli or shota content should be clearly labelled as such.

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Well that’s upsetting, here I thought my controversial content was hidden from those who didn’t explicitly choose to see it. If any moderators or admins are reading this, I strongly suggest that we change the system so that all new users will have to remove the loli/ shota tags from their blacklist if they want to see that content, with an explanation that loli/shota refers to animated porn of fictional underage-looking characters.

And thanks for the advice, I will add Loli/Shota to the title of any topic that contains it.

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I agree. This isn’t just a preference issue, some people could land in hot water if they live in a country where that content is illegal.

From cursory research, I don’t think there’s a simple way to accomplish this Discourse, even if that was something we wanted to do. (though maybe there’s some creative solution I can’t think off the top of my head)

If you want to filter it out for yourself, you can filter tags out when searching or mute the tag so it doesn’t show up in your unread tab (also written up by memezee)

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but then you get into the discussion again of what should/shouldn’t be blocked by default for users, which is its own can of worms

I understand, technical limitations can’t really be avoided. I don’t know enough about the site’s functionality to comment… But maybe it could be managed by Discobot? I got a welcome notification when I signed up? Perhaps a message, or option should be included in the welcome message to automatically disable that content if you select yes? Or have Discobot give instructions on how to avoid loli/shota content? I’m spitballing, I really don’t know how feasible my suggestion is haha.

I think it’s a different discussion when it comes to loli/shota content. Most content is pretty safe, but this is something that is illegal in some countries, which is where a lot of people are concerned. Especially as loli/shota content is so widespread, and because it’s legal in a lot of places, it becomes murky, as it’s something that can easily be accessed, even if said content is illegal in your country.


Perhaps requiring it to exist in its own sub forum/ category would solve this issue?
Would perhaps require to much from the posters & moderators?


Not a bad idea, I’d be interested to hear what others think of that.

True. In South Korea, If the 2D character in pornography resembles a non-adult being, you can actually be sent to prison even you just own that content.

Some individual was actually sentenced 6 months jail time because he owned a pornography of an underage looking fictional character.

There is a popular NSFW artist called ‘Kidmo’ who drew a high school girl being sexually punished. And… he had to meet some law enforcers to get out of that situation. (I think he got out by paying a fine or community service for as a punishment )

Somehow South Korea is still being very strict to pornography. I can only think of japan when we talk about Asian culture that’s open to sex. No other country has the atmosphere where people can freely enjoy their porn.


Out of curiosity I searched the “furry” tag, and tags that I had blacklisted still pop up. It seems like if you search a specific tag it will show everything that has that tag, even if it has other tags that you blacklisted.

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That’s unfortunate, but good to know. I was really under the impression that sensitive content was better managed on this site.

Yep…sorry for getting a bit heated earlier, I was in a bad mood since I’m gonna have to be up late tonight for work.

It’s all good, thank you for being respectful. I completely understand why you’re wary of the content in question and even the people who consume it, and as long as you don’t conflate people who enjoy fictional content with actual child predators I have no issue with your viewpoint.

the tag muting is separate from searching w/ tag exclusion

Perhaps that’s something that should be changed then. Otherwise there is no point in even muting certain tags if you’re just going to see them anyways.

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I don’t conflate everyone enjoying “loli” porn to child predators. At the same time though child predators would likely enjoy this content, so that’s where the topic becomes an issue for me. Especially in the furry fandom which is a very sexual group of people and dominantly LGBTQ+, rates of actual pedophilia are bound to be a lot higher than the general population. Unfortunately that’s a fact, whether or not you want to agree with it.

“Especially in the furry fandom which is a very sexual group of people and dominantly LGBTQ+, rates of actual pedophilia are bound to be a lot higher than the general population.”

Do you have any evidence to support this so-called fact? Have there been any studies linking the consumption of animated loli porn to the likelihood of being a child predator? Like I agree that child predators would be much more likely to enjoy this content, but that’s a completely different statement than “people who enjoy this content are more likely to be child predators”. Correlation =/= causation.

I suppose the connection was that someone enjoying this content would probably be furry, correct? There are plenty of places that will say the demographics of the furry fandom are overwhelmingly LGBTQ+. Then from there my connection is that the LGBTQ+ community accounts for a disproportionate amount of pedophilia cases compared to their percent of the population. There are a ton of places I could reference that have statistics on that as well. So yes, not every single person enjoying the content will be a child predator, but it is certainly more likely than someone enjoying porn that is straight and/or “more mature looking” people or characters. This argument will quickly go in circles though. Just don’t fuck kids, that’s all. If you choose to want to watch weird, animated porn of people that happen to look like children that’s on you. I’m done making my own comments on this because it doesn’t matter to anyone and is just wasting our time. Anyone into this that truly is a pedophile will eventually get what’s coming to them.

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I didn’t think this was a waste of time, I thought this was a healthy debate and I think you brought up a lot of good points. Other users reading our conversation may learn something from it too. I genuinely did not know that there was any sort of correlation between the LGBTQ+ community and likelihood of sexual child abuse; I now know I need to do some research on that. At this point I think we’re mostly on the same page: don’t fuck kids, child predators are evil, and just because someone enjoys fantasizing about something does not mean that they have any desire to do anything more than that. I applaud you for being respectful throughout this discussion and wish you the best.