Should Loli (considered child pornography in UK) be banned or quarantined?

This is a wonderful forum with a great community. That said I’ve been seeing more and more animated child sexual abuse content (Loli counts as child pornography in my country) being posted, sometimes without being tagged. Not only do I personally find it reprehensible but it makes me hesitant to recommend this forum/interactive strokers to people I know in real life.

I understand that it’s not illegal in many parts of the world but I’m tired of clicking posts with vague titles only to be confronted with GIFs of prepubescent children performing sexual acts.

I think we could foster a more welcoming community by either outright banning imagery depicting the sexual abuse of children or making it possible to completely avoid.

Edited to clarify that I’m referring to hentai featuring Lolis and not irl child pornography

What, if anything, should be done about Loli content
  • Ban any Loli related content
  • Create a Loli category to prevent people accidentally stumbling upon it while browsing
  • Create and strictly enforce a rule that all Loli posts must include a warning in the title
  • Do nothing

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Are you talking about animated or IRL stuff? Because if you mean IRL, then I really hope nobody wants that here (Also, since this site is hosted in the US, it would be illegal - so the site operators wouldn’t allow it anyways)


Animated. I’m in the UK and it’s still considered child pornography here.

I have no doubt that any irl stuff would be removed as soon as mods saw it


Ok, in that case a separate category, tags or warnings in the title should be enough.

For anyone interested, here are some details:

No idea if the usual “I look like a child but I’m 18” dialogs in hentai are enough so this “doesn’t count”


The disclaimers don’t matter, if you’ve drawn a “3000 year old succubus that just so happens to look like a prepubescent child” then it’s still child pornography in the eyes of both the UK government and myself.

Enforcing tags in the title will make me feel comfortable using the site. A separate category will make me slightly less uncomfortable recommending the site to friends.


Which would however make it a lot more discoverable. Might need a “hide all posts with theses tags” or “these categories” setting.


That would be perfect actually

It’s already possible to mute both tags and categories in the forum software, all that would be needed would be to make/select one, apply it to existing posts as appropriate, and enforce it’s use.

I believe tags would be a better fit to the problem than categories would.

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I have 0 coding knowledge and wrongly assumed filtering it would be a pain for the Devs to implement it, otherwise I would have included it as an option in the poll

It’s a little non-intuitive IMO. I only knew about it because I went looking before requesting a way to hide some stuff I didn’t want to see.

I voted “category” in the poll because that’s largely the same thing in effect.

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before requesting a way to hide some stuff I didn’t want to see

It’s not just that I don’t want to see it, it’s that I don’t feel comfortable suggesting this site (and consequently the handy) to people I know irl as I don’t want to be associated with peadophiles.

In the meantime would you mind telling me how to filter tags out? I’ve looked through the account preferences and can’t see any option to. I’ll just filter all hentai until loli tagging is enforced

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I was just speaking to my motivations for going looking when I did.

It’s actually under “Notifications”. If you click on “Categories” or “Tags”, the page that appears has a “Muted” section (with the same search options as when you’re making a post).

Muted categories can still be viewed, but you have to manually expand your “Muted Categories” on the front page and then navigate into them, while muted tags as far as I can tell are just gone, and if there’s a way to see what’s muted without unmuting the tag it’s not obvious to me.

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Ah ok sorry if that was a bit defensive, tone can be hard to pick up on over text.

Thanks for letting me know, it’ll make browsing the site much less worrisome for me :slight_smile:

Currently, a “loli” tag doesn’t exist. But me or someone else can create one. Once created, any user can blacklist the content by doing what @remc_ren mentioned. However, we’d have to go back and tag such content for it to work properly. I don’t think there’s much at the moment, so it shouldn’t be hard.

I’d like to suggest a new rule where if a topic contains contentious content (such as loli, gore, scat, etc.). It must contain its respective tag, so users who don’t wish to see it can blacklist/mute them.


I think that’s a brilliant idea, I suppose it’d be pushing my luck to ask if they could be muted by default?

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Should this apply to both scripts and requests involving such content? I think that would make sense, but I don’t normally look at requests very often anyway, so I’m not sure what the usual practice on tagging for them is.

Why ban any forms of drawn porn? I saw a post the other day featuring zombies fucking, and that was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I wouldn’t jerk off to it, but I’m not going to prevent someone else from doing so. They don’t use actual corpses or human bodies - it’s all in their minds. If it were real child porn, that’s a different story because you’re harming a child. Drawn porn is a zero victim fetish.


I tend to feel pretty similarly, but not wanting to be exposed to particular types of content isn’t an unreasonable request, particularly if it actually is illegal in your personal jurisdiction. Even if that weren’t the case though, the site is better if people can find the things they want and avoid what they don’t, which is why I wish tagging was better overall. If it’s not going to be mandatory across the board, it’d at least help having a better way for the community to fill in the gaps.

(Though at least this site does let you block tags, which I consider a near must-have. There’s a certain commercial porn site I hate trying to browse, because it’s almost impossible to search for things I like without also running into a bunch of scat, and their search function doesn’t support excluding categories.)


Let’s just start with the obvious, which is that animated porn cannot, by definition, be child pornography. There are some blinkered governments in the world which pass incorrect (and very counter-productive) laws saying otherwise, but catering to every backwards law in the world would render this site entirely empty, quite literally.

I see a fair bit of content posted that I have no interest in. I’d hate for my tastes to dictate how the site operates, and don’t think anyone else should feel so entitled, either. If your country has a bad law, then just don’t download the content in question. It’s presumptuous to demand that special rules are put into place just for you or anyone else.

It would be nice if content tagging were always used correctly, so that one could both exclude what’s desired and include what is, but going down the road of making that mandatory is guaranteed to cut down on posts overall, because many people would just say “screw it” rather than deal with stringent tagging rules.

The upshot is, everyone here should be responsible for what they choose to download or ignore. Barring actual child pornography (which has roughly zero chance of being posted on a site like this), nothing should be forbidden or given special treatment, in my not so humble opinion.


It is child pornogaphy though. It’s made for and by peadophiles. They want to watch prepubescent children having sex but that’s illegal so they draw it instead.

No children are harmed in the production of animated child pornography. This fact may make it alright in some people’s eyes and honestly I don’t know whether watching it helps paedophiles manage their urges (and avoid harming actual children) or if it feeds their fantasy and makes the urges stronger.

I don’t think not wanting to mingle with paedophiles is a super entitled stance to take. I think it’s a tragedy that society has got to the point where being attracted to prepubescent children is being lumped in with sexual tastes.

I don’t think it’s a bad law. I don’t wish any harm upon non offending paedophiles but that doesn’t mean I think it’s ok for them to brazenly indulge in their illness in public spaces. We shouldn’t be normalising their proclivities and making them think it’s normal or acceptable, they need to seek treatment or bury that aspect of themselves so deeply that it never sees the light of day.

Edit: Some cursory research shows that it’s also illegal in some American states. Under what definition is it not child pornography? Because the us government, the UK government and most European governments agree that it is.