Is there an app that allows you to hit "play" on two devices at the same time?


Since one of the recommended VR goggles is too expensive for me, I have to use my phone and laptop. I mostly watch VR videos and I watch those through my phone, while playing the script on my laptop. The only way to get a somewhat synced experience is by trying to press play at the same time on my phone and laptop. As you can imagine, that’s pretty much impossible to achieve.
I’ve tried to Google my question but I haven’t been able to find an answer. Maybe one of you knows how to do this? I’m at my wits end here…

PS: If you have any other ideas on how to achieve a synced up experience on my setup, then please let me hear them!

I might consider base the video and script playback entire on the laptop, then project it onto the phone for viewing.

I believe something like Riftcat was able to do that, but that was a while ago since I’ve tried.

Yes, there is!

Scriptplayer (ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)) can synchronise with a variety of video players - some on VR, some on PC, and some on Android.

One way that works is to set up Kodi on your phone from the google play store

Enable remote control (under setting - services - control)

start scriptplayer, and setup the connection parameters

(You can use the defaults for everything but the IP address. You can find your phone’s ip adress in the wifi settings - your phone and your laptop obviously must be on the same network for all this to work)

Now, while Kodi is running on your phone, choose “Kodi” from the “Video Players” menu in Scriptplayer. If everything worked, you should see:

If you want to be super perfect, create a network share on your laptop for the directory that has all your scripts and videos, and import a media source in kodi for that network share, which will enable you to stream the videos directly from your laptop without using space on your phone:


and tell ScriptPlayer the path where it can find your scripts:


Now, if you select a video on your phone, scriptplayer will automatically find the matching script, as long as it has the same filename, and play it in sync with the video on your phone.

(And if it doesn’t just drag the script you want to play into the scriptplayer window manually, it will sync any script with a running video that you throw at it.)


Holy shit sticks! I’ll be sure to check this out, thanks a lot for the detailed explanation! Did you figure this out yourself?

I’ve been using scriptplayer to synch my scripts with DeoVR on my Quest2 and MPC-HC on my PC for quite some while, and figuring out Kodi was pretty easy from there :slight_smile: I hope you can make it work, too.

Okay, so I’ve managed to make it work. I didn’t consider though, that I can’t watch any VR videos on my phone while using Kodi. Or can I? I’ve been lookig around in Kodi’s settings but I couldn’t find a VR toggle. Do you know if a VR mode is available in Kodi?

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